Staypineapple Hotels: Just for Swingers, or For Everybody?

by SharonKurheg
 Full disclosure: not me or mine, but if it’s 2 or more consenting adults, you do you, and no judgement from me. With that, Happy National 🍍 Pineapple 🍍 Day, y’all! (is there a National Upside Down Pineapple Day? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, use your search engine of choice to look up UPSIDE DOWN PINEAPPLE MEANING, cuz we’re going to be discussing that very thing in a moment)
a group of pineapple figurines and stacks of coins
Anyway, hearing that it’s National Pineapple Day reminded me of a question I saw on – I honestly don’t remember if it was Reddit or Facebook – where someone was wondering if the Staypineapple chain of hotels is only for swingers or if it’s or everyone?
So I decided to investigate.

What is Staypineapple Hotels?

Pineapple Hospitality began managing and operating privately owned boutique hotels in 2010 with the opening of The Maxwell Hotel, its first Staypineapple property. Since then, the company has spent the past 14 years purchasing and privately managing nine additional hotels across the United States as part of the Staypineapple brand portfolio.

Staypineapple Hotels can be found in:

  • New York City (An Artful Hotel – Midtown)
  • Chicago (An Iconic Hotel – The Loop)
  • San Francisco (An Elegant Hotel – Union Square)
  • Boston (A Delightful Hotel – South End)
  • Seattle (they boast 4 Staypineapple Hotels: The Maxwell Hotel – Seattle Center, Hotel FIVE – Downtown, Watertown Hotel – University District, and University Inn – University District)
  • Portland (Hotel Rose – Downtown)
  • San Diego (Hotel Z – Gaslamp Quarter)

What would Staypineapple Hotels have to do with swingers?

Swinging, sometimes called wife-swapping, husband-swapping, or partner-swapping, is a sexual activity in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship sexually engage with others for recreational purposes (thanks, Wikipedia!).

According to a 2018 report from the National Institutes of Health, a 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior suggested that roughly 4% of adults in the US engage in consensual nonmonogamy. To put that into perspective, the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau determined there were 258.3 million adults living in the U.S. 4% of that is a little over 10 million.

10 million swingers in the U.S. alone. They’re everywhere, y’all. 😉

Swingers use a variety of techniques to find their fellow swingers. There are swingers’ clubs, parties and conventions. I recently discovered the Loofah Code (which may or may not be a real thing, but it made me smile).

a collage of different colors of bath puffsAnd if you ever saw an upside-down pineapple on a cabin door of a cruise ship, guess who’s probably in that cabin? 😉 The pineapple thing has actually caused some non-swingers to be mistakenly identified as swingers. Whoopsie!

So, of course, because of Americans’ puritanical spin on all things sexual, a hotel chain that has the word “pineapple” in it automatically makes those of us with an adolescent sense of humor (hand raised) think that it might have something to do with swingers (in my own defense, I didn’t think that far).

Staypineapple, in fact, has nothing to do with swingers

As it turns out, the “pineapple” part of Staypineapple Hotels simply represents hospitality. From the Indiana University of Pennsylvania:

…Due to its seemingly exotic qualities and rareness, the pineapple soon became a symbol of hospitality in early America. Because trade routes between America and Caribbean Islands were often slow and perilous, it was considered a significant achievement from a host to procure a ripe pineapple for guests.

And here’s what Staypineapple has to say about it:

We are hospitality redefined!  That means we believe strongly in the value-creation for each guest and every team member.  From afternoon delights (treats and coffee), BIG fluffy towels and robes, to cozy over-stuffed duvets and beds which you will want to take home.  Oh yes, don’t forget all the yellow things like bikes, pens, coffee mugs, umbrellas – see?  Like 98.723% of our guests, you will leave with a big smile and a new memory while looking forward to your next visit – that is our Staypineapple mission.

More proof that they’re not a swingers’ hotel

Staypineapple Hotels have seven publicity pics on their front page. 3 of the 7 have kids in them:

a man and a dog lying on a bedReally, if they were a swingers’ hotel, I promise they wouldn’t include grade-schoolers in their advertising. That would be all different flavors of wrong.

Mystery solved

So nope, Pineapple Hotels is not just for swingers. In fact, it’s not for swingers at all (although, again, what 2 or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own room is their business).

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