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Pet Peeve: Places That Do Not Publish The Name Of Their WiFi Network

by joeheg

You know the feeling. You’re sitting in a hotel, airport or restaurant. You go to log onto the wi-fi network and twenty network names pop up. You know to avoid the ones like Joe’s Phone and zjdorldnfi-2 or FREEWIFIHERE!!! Which one is real? Honestly, who the heck knows?

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a sign like at the airport and not knowing what the network name is. Would it be that hard to put the network name on the sign?


Now, there are hotels and airports that appreciate that “The Struggle Is Real,” IHG hotels have the same Wi-Fi network information at all of their hotels. When you’ve signed up for Wi-Fi at one hotel, you’ll be connected to their network at all of their hotels. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to take out a laptop or tablet and just be connected to the internet. Of course, we’re still going to connect to a VPN to make sure our connection is safe.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) even has this on their website. Way to go MCO, proud to call you our hometown airport!

While using our Free Wi-Fi (SSID “MCO Internet”), please remember:

  • Stay away from crowds – you may be able to connect to one of our less popular access point
  • Please turn OFF your personal hot spot, so as to not consume more bandwidth than necessary

At other airports, I’ve tried to use my mobile data plan to search “WIFI XXXXX Airport Network Name” with no success. I usually just give up at this point. Even if I find the correct network, there’s a chance they’ll want me to register my email (which I can’t if I don’t have data access). I sure as heck don’t want to be the guy sitting outside the restaurant just so I can connect to their network.


First of all, in this day and age, there shouldn’t be an airport, train station or hotel that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi. If Starbucks and McDonalds can do it, so can you. Secondly, don’t keep it a secret. How much bandwidth will people use? Who’s gonna sit there and download every season of Rick and Morty??? Don’t even trip over that.


While I like to think I’m a great planner, looking up the internet WiFi network at an airport isn’t on the top of my packing list. So hotels, train stations, subways, airports, restaurants and coffee shops, get your act together and name your Wi-Fi network something people can recognize. If not, at least make me LOL.


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