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Visiting Iceland’s Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

by joeheg

Iceland is home to many black sand beaches and Reynisfjara is arguably the most famous. It’s located in Southern Iceland, just outside the town of Vik, which is a 112-mile drive from Reykjavík. It’s an excellent stop for those touring the area as it’s a short drive off Ring Road.

By the way, don’t expect to find suntan lotion or beach chairs; it’s not that type of beach.

When arriving at the beach, there’s a large parking lot and a store selling souvenirs and food and, most importantly, pay toilets. By this point of the trip, we were aware of the pay toilets.

It’s only a short walk from the parking lot to the beach. There’s a path but you may have to traverse some of the larger rocks on the way.

You’ll see a warning about how this is also Iceland’s deadliest beach. I can’t see how anyone would want to swim here, but tourists will be tourists. Joking aside, the waves are not to be ignored and be sure to watch out for deadly “sneaker waves.”

One of the reasons Reynisfjara is so popular is the striking landscape. The beach is framed by Reynisfjall, a basalt formation made from the same rocks as Svartifoss waterfall, which we had visited earlier in our trip.

Out in the water, you’ll see Reynisdrangar. This rock formation is all that’s left of a sea cliff that’s been beaten away by massive waves crashing into them over the centuries.

Fans of the Game of Thrones TV show will recognize these rocks from Season 7.

You’ll get a better perspective of the formation from Vik, as the rocks line up when looking at them from the beach.

The waves at Reynisfjara were unlike ones I’ve ever seen before. This beach doesn’t offer a tropical island paradise’s soft, relaxing tones. These waves looked angry.

Of course, Sharon had to go and get a closer look. She got a bit too close for me (Note from Sharon: Heads up for a NSFW “S-bomb” about 25 seconds in. We keep this blog squeaky clean, but my mouth? Maybe not always so much LOLOL)

Maybe that’s why they call them “sneaker waves.” Admittedly, it was mesmerizing to watch and listen to the waves. While the sounds weren’t soothing, they did have the same rhythmic back and forth as any other beach.

Before leaving, make sure to go and check out Reynisfjall, the 1115 ft tall mountain on the beach. The basalt columns make for a unique photo-op.

If you’re a bit chilly after your visit, stop by our favorite coffee shop in nearby Vik. You’ll also find a gas station, places to eat, and a huge gift shop in town.

Reynisfjara doesn’t get the same attention as the Golden Circle and Seljalandsfoss waterfall. That could be because it’s farther away from Reykjavík and fewer people visit the area. However, if you’re going to visit Iceland and have more than 1-2 days, get out of the city and see the country’s unbelievable sites.

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