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Need Something While Far From Home? Amazon Hub To The Rescue

by joeheg

It wasn’t long ago that if you needed to get something while traveling, there were only a few options. You could ask your hotel if it was something typical and minor, like a power adapter or phone charger. If you were staying at a really nice hotel, you could ask for more challenging items to acquire.

Of course, you could always head out on your own to find what you need. Depending on how familiar you are with your location, this could only take a few minutes or you may wander around Dublin for hours on a Sunday, looking for a store that’s open and also sells the camera cable you left at home (true story).

If you’re staying in the same place for a while, you could order the item online and send it to your hotel. However, not all hotels are great at holding guest packages, and some even charge for the service.

There’s now a way to get packages, for free, when you’re traveling that I’ve known about for a while. On a recent trip, I had a chance to put it to the test.

Amazon Hub locations

On a recent trip, Sharon noticed some black dust-like particles on my neck and shirt. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the foam pads on my trusty wired Bose headphones had reached the end of their lifespan.

I remembered a comment on my post about the headphones which mentioned the pads are replaceable.

Thanks to Steve, I found a replacement set of cushions on Amazon. Instead of waiting until I got home, I had them delivered to an Amazon location just down the road from our hotel. I was initially a bit confused about the pickup spot because Amazon told me to go to Petals, which I couldn’t find on the map. The next day I received an email that my packages had been delivered.

We headed to the Circle K gas station, the address on the email, and saw the Amazon Hub outside.

Hello, Petals. It turns out that’s the name of the hub location.

I entered the code from the email and a door popped open.

Yes, there was really that much dust on the screen. It’s Texas.

There were various sizes of boxes. My packages were in one of the smallest lockers.

Upon closing the door, Petals thanked me for using Amazon Locker.

I quickly received an email from Amazon informing me that my items were picked up and to contact them if there were any issues.

My first experience using an Amazon Hub pickup location while traveling was a success. It definitely makes it easier to replace items you forgot instead of having to run around while you’re away. Amazon only holds items in a locker for a few days, so you’re not able to ship things in advance. It also helps if you have Amazon Prime or you’ll have to pay for expedited shipping.

Has anyone else used this trick when traveling? How did it work out?

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