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Check Your AMEX Accounts For This Offer – Bonus For Paying Your Cable or Satellite TV Bill

by joeheg

I’m a big fan of AMEX Offers. They’re a great way to save money and offset the annual fee that’s charged for many of the American Express cards. What I like even more is when there’s an AMEX offer that’ll give me money back for charges I’m going to make anyway.

There have been offers in the past that would give money or extra miles if you used an enrolled card to pay your cell phone bill or insurance bill and I took full advantage of those offers when they were available. I was excited to read about this new offer that was hitting accounts on Thursday:

If you spend $100 on a cable or satellite TV bill with an American Express card that’s targeted, you get 1000 Membership Rewards points. That’s 10 Membership Rewards points per dollar. That’s better than the normal 5x points I get when paying with my Ink Cash card and worth the trouble to take advantage of this offer to the fullest. Here are the details of the offer:


ENROLLMENT/ELIGIBLE CARDS: Enrollment limited. Must first add offer to Card and use same Card to redeem. Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards that are enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program at the time of purchase are eligible. Your enrollment of an eligible American Express Card for this offer extends only to that Card. Your enrollment does not extend to any other Cards that may be linked to the same Membership Rewards program account (such as Additional Cards). Offer is non-transferable. ELIGIBLE PURCHASES: Offer valid on bill payments for US cable and satellite television services made directly with the provider. Payments must be made directly with the provider online, via mobile app or by phone. Payments made at service centers do not qualify. Payments for hardware, installation, and other services are excluded, if not bundled and charged with monthly service bill. Excludes payments for satellite radio services and subscriptions with streaming television providers. Purchases may fall outside of the offer period in some cases due to a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us or if the purchase date differs from the date you made the transaction (for example, the purchase date for online orders may be the shipping date). If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the additional points. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you may not receive the additional Membership Rewards points if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party. EARNING POINTS: Limit 1 enrolled Card per American Express Card online account and limit of 3,000 additional Membership Rewards points per Card. These additional points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of the Membership Rewards program. When we
calculate the additional points benefit for Amex EveryDay® Card products, points awarded under this offer will not be included. Additional points will be credited to your Program account within 90 days after 11/15/2017, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Terms and conditions for the Membership Rewards program apply. Visit membershiprewards.com/terms or call 1-800-AXP EARN (297-3276) for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo. By adding an offer to a Card, you agree that American Express may send you communications about the offer. Bonus ID: B3J9 POID: CHDC:0001

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 8.26.45 PMI checked all of our accounts to see if any of them had this offer. While none of Sharon’s accounts had it, I did have the offer showing on two of mine.  I used the trick I mentioned in this post on AMEX Offers to sign up for the offer on both cards. Here’s how I’m planning on taking advantage of this offer:

Since the offer gives 1,000 points for any charge of $100 or more, I plan on charging $100 to each card each month. That way for August, September and October I’ll be paying $200 towards my cable bill. Now, my bill isn’t that much but I’ve found that companies really don’t mind if you overpay and keep a balance with them. Over the 3 months I figure that I’ll end up making an extra payment but that’s worth earning 6,000 Membership rewards points. One of the cards targeted for this offer was our AMEX Everyday Preferred card so besides earning the 1000 extra miles for each $100, I’ll also be earning 1.5 Membership Rewards points per dollar.

If you have the offer on your accounts, I’d suggest signing up for it ASAP. Sometimes these offers have a maximum number of people they’ll let sign up and after that the offer will disappear. I’ve had that happen and isn’t a good feeling.

These type of AMEX Offers are truly my favorite. I get to pay my bills and I get to earn bonus miles to do it. How about you? Were you targeted for this offer? How are you planning to get the most for your spending?

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