Getting Into the Halloween Spirit: A Walk-Through Exhibit That May Be the Stuff of Nightmares!

by SharonKurheg

Perfect for those who want to get a little more Halloween into their lives, or possibly for those who have nightmares of the arachnophobic nature and want to conquer their fears, a zoo has opened an immersive spider exhibit they hope is helping to increase peoples’ understanding of the 8-legged creatures.

Opened in 2015 and still the only walk-through spider exhibit of its kind in all of Europe, the ZSL London Zoo‘s In With The Spiders program is, naturally, part of the zoo’s popular B.U.G.S. exhibit.

Zoo visitors first get acquainted with the UK native species and ones that are often found in homes (think along the lines of the harmless spider often found in a bathtub), and then can work their way up to more exotic (and possibly dangerous) species such as the black widow, huntsman and giant bird-eating spiders.  Visitors can also view the spider nursery where breeding takes place and baby spiderlings spend the earliest parts of their lives, as well as walk through a man made forest where spiders live and produce webs galore. You can even take a selfie with a golden orb spider and its 1-meter wide web!

With over 20 years of curing arachnophobia under its belt with the hugely successful Friendly Spider Program, ZSL London Zoo already has a lot of experience with converting spider-haters into spider-lovers. However you feel about spiders before you enter the exhibit, you’ll hopefilly leave the exhibit with a new-found appreciation for arachnids. Oe if nothing else, it’s a great thing to visit during Halloween season.

The In with the Spiders experience is included in the entry ticket price for ZSL London Zoo.

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