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WDW’s 1977-1995 Version of The Electrical Water Pageant (Complete Video)

by SharonKurheg

The Electrical Water Pageant has been running on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake of Walt Disney World since the theme park’s Dedication Day, October 25, 1971. The original music included a stylized version of Gershon Kingsley & Jean Jeaque Perrey’s “Baroque Hoedown” (the song used in the Main Street Electrical Parade) created specially for the Electrical Water Pageant, and although some changes were made here and there throughout the years, was used from 1971 until 1977. But in 1977, they made several big changes to the attraction:

From Wikipedia:

To help distinguish the Electrical Water Pageant from the Main Street Electrical Parade, the original Kingsley-Perry version of “Baroque Hoedown” was dropped and a new version using various musical selections was created for both the opening and closing of the Electrical Water Pageant as well as each creature depicted in the pageant. Some of the original 1971 floats were saved or rearranged, while others were completely changed.The main themes for this version of the Electrical Water Pageant were synthesized arrangements from George Frideric Handel’s Water Music.

The 1977 to 1995 lineup of floats for the Electrical Water Pageant were:

  • Overture – “Hornpipe”
  • Sea Serpent (four floats) “That Certain Serpent” – J. Christensen
  • Whale (one float) Whale Of A Tale” – N. Gimbel/A Hoffman
  • Turtle (one float) (An updated version of the 1972 Turtle) “I’m A Turtle” – D. Dorsey
  • Octopus (one float) “Up In Arms” D. Dorsey
  • Three Jumping Dolphins (three floats) “Waltz Almost” – J. Christensen
  • Brachiosaurus (one float)”Up In Arms” Reprise – D. Dorsey
  • Electric Eel (one float) (Later became a Crocodile) Bay-Sea Monster – J. Christensen
  • Four Seahorses (one float) (An updated version of the 1971 Four Seahorses)
  • Neptune (one float) (An updated version of the 1971 Neptune) “Horpipe” (Reprise) mixed w/ all other themes
  • Stars & Stripes _Patriotic Medley
  • Traveling Music: “The Bouree” – G.F. Handel

And guess what we found in our archives? Super rare, not-seen-in-over-25-years video footage of the entire attraction from 1992. Enjoy and happy #ThrowbackThursday!

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