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The Best Manhattan Sightseeing Tour Was Included With My Delta Ticket To LaGuardia Airport

by joeheg

We’ve flown into LaGuardia Airport more times than I want to remember. For the most part, these flights include a sightseeing tour of central New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens. That means seeing a bunch of houses right next to another, an apartment project here or there, and not much else.

For some reason though, on this trip on Delta to LaGuardia, we took a different route.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.37.05 PM

For those of your not familiar with New York City geography, we flew up the West Side of Manhattan, then thru the Bronx where we turned around just before getting to Yonkers and headed to the south and the airport (we just missed flying over Rikers Island Prison Complex).

Why was this a big deal? Because I had a window seat on the right side of the plane. I wish I had been paying attention because I would have been ready with my camera.

Our approach was nothing to speak about but I love taking pictures of clouds and airplane wingtips.


I knew something was different when I saw we were flying over the lower tip of Manhattan.


Within seconds we were flying over One World Trade and the Freedom Tower.


Then we were looking at the Empire State Building,


the Chrysler Building,


Central Park South (Columbus Circle)


and Central Park (The very white portion is the Ice Rink and just past that is the Central Park Zoo.


As we went further north, we had a great view of The Bronx and the new Yankees Stadium.


I can’t help being nostalgic about the Yankees. It’s in my blood.


I can never remember being treated to such a great view of Manhattan when flying into LaGuardia Airport. It almost made the overpriced taxi ride into Manhattan worth the trip.

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