Want To Travel But Need A Travel Buddy? This Website May Have The Solution!

by SharonKurheg

Say you have a dream trip…you want to go to Tokyo. Or Sydney. Or Disneyland Paris. Or Thailand. Or Moscow. Or Bali. Or Antarctica. Or all of the above! You have the time, the plan and the money. The only thing you’d like to have is a travel partner. You’ve asked your family and even your “travel friends” but nothing seems to be working out. So what do you do? Well, you could go solo. Orrrrr you could check out TripGiraffe and get a travel buddy!

Since December 2016, TripGiraffe has been hooking up like-minded people to go on trips of a lifetime.

From TripGiraffe:

TripGiraffe is a social travel platform with a goal to inspire you to travel more and to experience new adventures. Our mission is to make it easy for travelers to connect and to travel the world together. We believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone with whom you can share your travel experience and adventures. TripGiraffe thrives to create an extensive database of travelers with plans to travel to all the places one can possibly think of. Getting the right people to travel together has never been easier!

Creating a trip on TripGiraffe gives you an option to specify all the information, in detail, about your trip, along with your with your expectations. Are you looking for someone traveling on a budget, maybe for someone with whom you could split cost of accommodation? Or maybe you are looking for someone who’s planning to do both work & travel? Only want to travel with a male or a female, or with a group? Whatever the case, TripGiraffe will have you covered.

Or maybe you know you want to go somewhere, but you’re not really sure where and you still don’t have people you can go with? Once again, TravelGiraffe can help.

They do requite members to register – TripGiraffe envisions to create a friendly travel community where people can find friends among like-mined travels and that would not be possible if users could anonymously post and message other travelers. Registration also help them prevent spam.  Fortunately, it’s free to register on TripGiraffe and to use all its features.

Even without registering, you have the ability to look at the trips other people have listed. They run the gamut when it comes to length of time (a few days to a year and change!), cost (backpackers list trips for $150, whereas others list trips that will cost $2K+), and the gender of people want to travel with. Here are some examples:

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Of course, this IS the 21st century, so there’s a whole page devoted to – you guessed it – safety.

One can be never careful enough and it is especially true when it comes to meeting people online. If anyone seems suspicious for any reason, take safety measures when exchanging any information. Suspicious behavior can be following:

  • Asking for money or your financial information
  • Quickly asking for your address or private information
  • Asking you to click on suspicious links to third-party websites
  • Using vulgar language

This list is only demonstrative, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe for any reason, refrain from any further communication and please contact as at support@tripgiraffe.com

Even though it may seem that you know your travel buddy quite well through online conversation, you never know who you are actually talking to till you meet your travel buddy personally. We recommend you take the following measures to ensure your safety:

  • Always inform someone when meeting a potential travel buddy and mention your meet-up location.
  • Always meet in a public places and avoid less populated or private areas. If your travel buddy refuses to meet you at a public place, cancel your meet-up and re-think further communication.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about your new travel buddy, don’t worry about seeming rude and try to find a new one.

I guess it takes a certain type of person to be willing to travel with someone, or even a group of people that they don’t know from a hole in the wall. Of course, I’m the type of person who won’t even go on a vacation unless I know where I’m going, so saying that TripGiraffe is not for me is probably the understatement of the year ;-). But it might be for you or someone you know. And if it is, welp, now you know it’s out there. Happy traveling! πŸ˜‰

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