Orlando International Airport Gaining More TSA Checkpoint Space, But At A Price

by SharonKurheg

Orlando International Airport (MCO) has had an expanding problem with their TSA checkpoint for years now. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of visitors in the form of theme parks tourists and convention attendees, on top of more and more residents in the Greater Orlando metropolitan area (2.5 million), MCO bypassed Miami in 2017 as the busiest airport in the state of Florida, and has gone from 15th most busiest airport in the United States in 2015 to the 11th busiest in 2018.

The TSA checkpoint at MCO had been growing with the crowds but there eventually became a time where there was simply no more room for expansion. Lines for the checkpoint began to lengthen exponentially and waits of upwards of 45 minutes were not unusual. While MCO blamed the TSA for not being efficient enough and was considering removing them in favor of a private screening company, the TSA claimed they simply didn’t have enough lanes to process all the people. They met this past February to hammer things out.

And hammer they must have done, because in March, MCO was said to be looking for ways to expand space for the TSA by relocating two popular stores near one of the two TSA checkpoints, and by April it was announced that the TSA would not be outsted and would indeed continue at MCO.

Welp, everything must be all official and ready to go now, because the MCO’s Twitter presence posted this during the summer of 2018:

At least one Disney fan was unhappy about the announcement, but Twitter/MCO (who frequently posts and replies on the wittier side) was quick to smooth ruffled feathers:

And Disney fans worldwide let out a sigh of relief 😉 (no, really – take a look at the thread)

UPDATE JANUARY 2019: The new Disney store is now open!


via https://www.orlandoairports.net

MCO is, of course, Joe’s and my home airport. Although we have TSA Pre-Check and haven’t had to deal with 30-45 minute lines at the checkpoint, we’ve seen the queues extend to halfway to the Main Terminal’s centrally-located food court (not even during holiday season – even in just October and May!) and have empathized with those who’ve had to stand on those lines for so long. Hopefully the construction will be completed quickly.

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Brian August 7, 2018 - 12:03 pm

I don’t think it would make any difference how much room the TSA are given. their whole system of dealing with people and security is flawed. If they want to see how it should be done get some of the TSA management to have a look at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport and they will see how crowds can be dealt with efficiently. In both airports crowds are inevitable yet the process thru security takes very little time.

SharonKurheg August 7, 2018 - 12:07 pm

You may have a point. However if they have more room for more X-ray machines, etc, that will definitely help. It certainly won’t make the system perfect but I think it’ll definitely be better.


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