With This Simple Little Gadget, You May Never Have To Fight Over The Armrest Again

by SharonKurheg

I think one of the more annoying things on a plane is the “game” of arm rest wars. As I’ve said in the past, the person stuck in the middle seat really should get the arm rests because, after all, the poor buggers really don’t have anything else going for them. But that doesn’t stop jerks in the window or aisle seat from hogging up the arm rests. And if you think about it, historically, there really wasn’t anything anyone could do about armrest hogs.

Until now…

Soarigami is a portable armrest extender and divider that works on most airlines’ armrests, doubling the usable space.


The history of how Soarigami was invented (and I suspect how it got its name, as well) is pretty cool. The designer was trying to figure out a design to allow two people to comfortably share an arm rest, but couldn’t figure anything that would be “just right.” Frustrated, she folded one of her sketches into a paper airplane and launched it into the air. It landed upside down and a new invention was born. 🙂

The design of Soarigami is origami-inspired design (take a look – it still looks like an upside down paper airplane!), so it can be folded flat and kept in your carry on or handheld bag until you need to use it. When in use, it uses a clamping system to attach it onto most armrests and screws to make it more sturdy. The Soarigami is made from recyclable plastic and leatherette so it’s more durable than if it was made of paper or cardboard.



Its main purpose is for airplane arms but it can be used anywhere that has small armrests…movie theaters, buses, stadiums, trains, concert halls, lecture halls, etc; anywhere that uses row seating.

Soarigami sells for a very comfortable $19.99. U.S. and international customers can buy it directly from the manufacturer, or it’s also available on Amazon.com and Prime members don’t have to pay for shipping.

Now, I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret – I recent purchased a Soarigami on Amazon. And Joe is a self-confessed armrest hog (Note: “Joe, I’m gonna tell everyone that you’re an armrest hog, OK? (PAUSE) Don’t give me that look!“). AND we’re flying to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for our my review on our Soarigami and how it does in real life.


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Lisa Smith August 15, 2021 - 9:23 pm

If you mount it so the “point” is towards you, the wider sides will not dig into your sides. Per reviews on Amazon.


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