Did You Hear About The Guy Who Got Around The Airline’s Baggage Charge? Here’s How He Did It

by SharonKurheg

I think that Ryanair has got to be one of the worst airlines on earth. It’s not just the fact that the nickel and dime you (well, in this case, 5 pence and 10 pence you) for everything, but to add insult to injury, they just seem to thumb their nose at everyone and everything as they try to figure out ways to charge their passengers more.

Taking a play from the book of U.S. Basic Economy Class, Ryanair recently instituted a new rule where passengers were no longer allowed to have any carry on bags in the overhead luggage compartment for free; they now have to pay a minimum of £8 (about $10.25 at the time of this writing) for any bag that won’t fit under the seat in front or that weighs more than 10kg (roughly 22 pounds).


Lee Cimino, from Staffordshire, didn’t like the new charge, so he decided to beat them at their own game.

Cimino was quoted as saying he ‘loves’ flying with Ryanair (I’m certain he must be the only one)  and that they’re always on time and ‘run like clockwork.’ But he didn’t love the extra charge. So he figured out a workaround by stitching his entire vacation wardrobe to the inside of his coat.

He sewed the clothing so they were pockets that could hold other items like toiletries, other clothing, etc.. He tried it out on his flight and lo and behold, he wasn’t caught!

Lee told The Daily Mail Online: ‘I often travel Ryanair, cheap flights and for great destinations. Ryanair had changed the baggage allowance policy the day before we were due the fly to Belfast.

‘Because I travel so often, I’m pretty clued up about on the luggage rules. I always manage to get my clothes into hand luggage.

‘I had an old coat at home so I though why not try and see what my local tailors could do. We proved we can do it!

He also said: ‘I felt like I looked ridiculous but I wasn’t noticeable to anyone, if you only need to get away for a day or two – why pay for a luggage fee?’

Here’s some of Lee’s video footage from his Facebook page:

No word from Ryanair about their thoughts on this feat, but I’m sure they will start charging for coats soon…

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