Why Denver International Airport (DEN) Is The Coolest Airport Ever

by SharonKurheg

Denver International Airport has always had a reputation for being, I dunno…strange? Weird? Enough of “something” where conspiracy theorists have had a field day with DEN since its opening day in 1995:

  • The runway shape (some people say it looks like a swastika).
  • The “marking” on its floor that some people interpreted as the symbol of a new strain of hepatitis that could be used for biological warfare (I kid you not).
  • The dedication marker with the Freemasons symbol and a mention of the  “New World Airport Commission” (an entity that doesn’t exist. It’s been said that was purposely done to mess with the conspiracy theorists LOL!).
  • The abandoned tunnels and underground bunker beneath the airport that might have been intended the headquarters for “something” – the Illuminati? New World Order? Neo-Nazis? Reptoids? Who knows?
  • Really weird art that’s been called, “alien languages, soldiers in gas masks oppressing peasants, and Freemasons plaques”

It’s the latest edition of the latter that makes me want to go to DEN and see it in person. You see, DEN recently commissioned a new piece of art for its 24th birthday and it’s like nothing ever seen there before.

It’s a talking gargoyle.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 3.29.59 PM

And besides entertaining patrons, he makes fun of ALLLLL the conspiracy theories…

“What, you’ve never seen a talking gargoyle before?” it (he?) said to a surprised patron. “Welcome to Illuminati Headquarters – I mean, Denver International Airport.”

He also claims to be 243 years old…which just happens to be the same amount of years since the first Illuminati met in Bavaria in 1776.

Take a look:

The gargoyle appears to use a similar system to the talking fountain at Universal Orlando Resort – while being away from the site and utilizing cameras,  microphones and whatever technology to make it move, a performer (one who is really good at improv) can see and hear the patrons near the animatronic gargoyle and comment on what they’re wearing or holding and, most importantly, what they say.

Gargoyles are traditionally thought to protect buildings, and, in its weirdness ;-), DEN already had 2 bronze gargoyles, perched inside suitcases, stationed in its east and west baggage claim areas to ensure the “safe arrival of baggage” (those two are currently in storage due to construction and will return by the end of 2021) But none are like THIS gargoyle.

Sassy, sarcastic, funny and observant, the talking gargoyle is part of an ongoing campaign from the airport that embraces the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Last year they hung posters referencing Freemasons, aliens and lizard people outside an off-limits construction area.

The talking gargoyle can be found at DEN’s main terminal. No word on how long he will remain there, so if you have the opportunity to travel to/from/through DEN and you want to see him, going more sooner than later is probably a smart bet.

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