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Tips On How To Have A Happier Vacation

by SharonKurheg

Vacations tend to have their awesomeness mixed in with some terribleness. Or if not outright terribleness, at least some annoyingness. Welp, the good people at Happy Or Not (they’re the ones who invented the Happy –> Sad icons for push button surveys that you see in airports, hospitals, etc) have taken their travel satisfaction data (we’re talking 86,000,000 passenger feedbacks) to let us know when are the happiest (and least happiest) times to travel.


Happiest and Least Happiest Days To Fly

78% of airline passengers reported the most happiness when they traveled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which was a tie for first place. People were the least happy when they flew on Saturdays (76%)

Happiest and Least Happiest Times To Be At An Airport

People are the happiest when they’re at an airport between 5am and 10am – 80% of passengers surveyed reported being the most happy at those times. Not surprisingly, being at an airport between midnight and 4am was the time frame that passengers were the least happy – slightly less than 70%. That one is really no surprise, I’d think…they’re either fatigued from being on a red eye, or they’re stuck at an airport overnight because of flight issues.

Happiest Month to Travel

July may be the busiest travel month, but it’s not the happiest one. That label goes to November and October, with 82% and 80% happiness levels, respectively.

Happiest Time To Travel For A Summer Vacation

Although July isn’t one of the happiest months to fly, it’s still the busiest month. The first week of July is happier than the rest of the month though, so keep that in mind.

The Absolute Happiest Days To Fly

Based on Happy Or Not’s data, if you want your vacation to start off on a happy note, try to get a flight between 5am and 10am on a Tuesday or Thursday in November or October. If you MUST go on vacation in the summer, the same times or days in the first week of July will be better than during the rest of the summer.

The Least Happiest Day To Travel

The least happy day to travel is April 1’s – yep, April Fool’s Day. Surprising? It might depend on the person.

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