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When Your Trip Is Approaching And Things Are Starting To Get Real

by joeheg

Eventually, you get to a point in time when a trip begins to get real. You’ve already arranged for transportation, whether it’s just a road trip or a flight halfway around the world. You have hotels booked, itinerary planned and even have made arrangements for someone to watch your pets.

Then it hits you. This trip is happening, and it’s happening soon.

It starts with a fear of all the things you might have forgotten. For a road trip, it might be as simple as making sure you’ve purchased snacks and drinks and filled up the car with gas. When it’s a bigger trip, other things creep into your mind.

  • Do you have enough clothes for the climate you’re traveling to? Do your bathing suits still fit or do you need to get new ones? Or maybe you’re going to somewhere cold and need to get more thermal underwear.
  • What do you want to see where you’re visiting? Is it too late to buy tickets?
  • How will you get around? Is there ridesharing, taxis or other ways of traveling?
  • Will your cell phone work where you’re going and how much will using it cost?
  • How much of the language of where you’re going have you learned (or forgotten)?
  • Do you have the proper adapters or power converters?
  • Have you purchased travel medical insurance?

There are some other things to think about your flights.

  • Have you kept up on your flights? Are there any flight changes?
  • Have you picked out seat assignments, if you can?
  • What about choosing your meals? That’s one of the big perks or business or first class on certain airlines.
  • Do you know how much luggage you’re allowed to bring? The foreign airlines often have different limits that US domestic carriers.

Then comes the worst thing to worry about.

I’m not saying that any (or all) of these thoughts have gone through my mind in the last few days. I remembered that I forgot to book a rental car for one day of our trip. Fortunately, that oversight didn’t cost me very much as I found a decent rate using Autoslash. I also realized that I need to look over our reservations to make sure all of our seat assignments are still in place.

Finally, the closeness of the trip hit me when I looked at how many days on the calendar I have left where I’m off from work and will be able to get some of these things done.

Not very many. I better finish this article and get to work!!!!!!

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This post first appeared on Your Mileage May Vary

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