Lots Of Heavy Luggage? Here’s A Way To Make The Trip Easier

by SharonKurheg

You’ve just gotten off the plane and have to get to your hotel. You could take a taxi or rideshare, but you decide to be independent and adventuresome and take the underground subway. Except when you get to your stop, you find out there’s no elevators or ramps…just 34 steps up to ground level. Or maybe you decide to take the bus to get to your hotel…during rush hour. Or perhaps you choose to walk the 8 blocks…uphill. Whatever the case, it’s you, your partner, 2 kids, a stroller and 1 large bag, 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal bag for each of you. Or maybe you’re of a certain age, or have a disability, and transporting all that luggage is just…difficult.

There’s a way around that.

We had written about Lugless, a luggage shipping company, a while back. It could be a viable option to ship your bags instead of bringing them with you when you travel. However, one con of Lugless is that it only ships within the U.S. That doesn’t help you if you’re going to another country.

Problem solved. Luggage Forward.

Just like Lugless, Luggage Forward is a luggage shipping company. However, they can ship your luggage anywhere in the world. From their website:

“For more than a decade, Luggage Forward has been the world’s most trusted door-to-door luggage shipping service. We’ve earned our reputation through our customer-first philosophy and by using advanced technology to provide the most reliable luggage delivery.”

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Their system is fairly straightforward. From their website:

  • BOOK YOUR SHIPMENT: Book your luggage shipment online or by phone 24/7. Tell us when you want your bags delivered and we’ll give you several pickup date and pricing options.
  • PACK YOUR BAGS: Pack your luggage as you normally would for airline travel, no boxes or special packaging required! Read more about packing and preparing your luggage.
  • DOORSTEP PICKUP OR LOCAL DROPOFF: You tell us where and when you want your luggage picked up from your home, office, hotel, cruise ship, golf course and more. We have many luggage pickup options to fit your busy schedule. Read more about luggage pickup.
  • TRANSPORTING YOUR BAGS: When your luggage is in our care, it is monitored closely by our team of shipping experts as well as by our predictive tracking technology to ensure on-time delivery. Learn more about how your luggage is transported.
  • TRAVEL LIGHT: Head to the airport hands free! Skip the long check-in lines, bypass the wait at baggage claim. Head directly to your final destination where your bags will be waiting!
  • YOUR BAGS WILL BE WAITING: Upon delivery, you’ll be notified via email, text or phone so you can travel to your destination with peace of mind knowing that your bags are awaiting your arrival. Read more about luggage delivery.

Luggage Forward has an 88% “5-star excellent” rating and an 8% “4-star great” rating on Trustpilot.com (the other 4% were 2% Average, 1% Poor and 1% Bad)

Not surprisingly, for your bags to be brought door-to-door and around the world, you’re going to pay a pretty significant amount for that service.

  • Within the U.S., prices range from $79 for a small bag (up to 25 pounds) to $99 for a standard bag (up to 50 pounds) to $139 for an oversized bag (up to 75 pounds). Those prices appear to be consistent regardless of the starting and ending point, as long as you stay within the continental United States. Those prices are also higher than those Lugless offers for roughly the same service.
  • If you’re shipping your bags outside the U.S., prices appear to vary based on location.
    — Canada: $124 small bag / $214 standard bag / $299 oversized bag
    — England: $159 small bag / $269 standard bag / $374 oversized bag
    — Japan: $164 small bag / $284 standard bag / $399 oversized bag
    — Australia: $199 small bag / $344 standard bag / $484 oversized bag
    — Saudi Arabia: $234 small bag / $414 standard bag / $574 oversized bag

But still, if you can afford it and/or the price to ship your luggage is worth avoiding the hassle of bringing it with you, it’s good to know that Luggage Forward an option.

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Christian January 3, 2020 - 10:21 pm

The 96 percent rating for better than average sounds a bit sketchy to me, particularly with high prices and the fact that when things go wrong abroad, they tend to go very wrong. I’m not sure I’d want to be part of that 4 percent in that case.

Your Mileage May Vary: Lots of heavy luggage? Here's a way to make the trip easier January 17, 2020 - 5:55 pm

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