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“Hijacking” At PDX Airport (Because Video Games Are Important)

by SharonKurheg

Lots of airports have been reinventing themselves over the past few years, so they’ve become more pleasant, fun places to be while you’re waiting to board your plane and leave. There are oftentimes plenty of options for shopping and food, as well as open spaces with lots of sunlight.

For one passenger at Portland International Airport though, all of that was apparently not enough.

An unknown man at PDX was discovered playing the Apex Legends video game on his PlayStation 4 the other day. That normally wouldn’t be an issue. The problem was that he had hijacked the video feed of one of the  airport monitors and was playing his game on that.

Kama Simonds, a Public Affairs worker for the Portland Airport, said, “Very early this morning our landside operations supervisors encountered a traveler who had plugged in their PlayStation 4 device into an airport owned monitor.”

According to Simonds, the video gamer was playing with his PS4 on one of the monitors that normally displays maps of the airport, as well as flight information.

Airport security confronted the traveler and told him he needed to stop, because passengers needed to know the information that was normally on the screen. He politely asked if he could finish his game but was told no. So he shut off his game, unplugged it from the monitor, and walked away. No confrontation, no problem. Just a load of amazement at the cojones of some people. 😉

Meanwhile, Apex Legends is scheduled to be coming to mobile later next year or maybe sometime in 2021. I’m sure Mr. Video Monitor Hijacker is looking forward to that.

Click here to see a photo of the guy while he was still playing.

Click here to hear the full interview with PDX Public Affairs employee Kama Simonds.

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Jinxed_K January 21, 2020 - 2:25 pm

Sounds like a business opportunity for airports to install monitors for rent in an out of the way section of the terminal where people can hook up consoles to.
DFW actually has video game lounges so it’s nothing too new.


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