Frontier Sure Doesn’t Make It Easy To Donate Your Miles To Charity

by joeheg

Frontier Airlines has a very annoying limitation of its Frontier Miles program. You need to earn miles every six months or your miles will expire. When I came across my miles expiring the last time, I wrote how I was going to let them expire instead of trying to keep them active. After reading the article, Shawn B. commented on our Facebook page.

Can you donate/transfer em?

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I mean, I had even written an entire article about how you can donate miles and points to help out after natural disasters. Charities just don’t need donations during emergencies, they need them all the time. So why not donate my expiring miles to a charity?

I don’t put all the blame on myself because THERE’S NO LINK ON FRONTIER’S WEBSITE WHERE IT MENTIONS YOU CAN DONATE YOUR MILES!!!!! Not cool, Frontier. Not cool at all.

I did a quick Google search after I read Shawn’s post and found several charities that mentioned you could donate your Frontier Miles to them. I even found a webpage on Frontier’s site showing the charities to which you can donate your miles.

Unlike almost every other airline, Frontier does not allow you to make this donation online. You need to call the Frontier Reservations desk to complete the donation.

I was invested by then and those miles were getting donated. But where to call? I’ll save you the trouble of trying to find the number online. The correct number to call is (801) 401-9003. It’s not even a toll-free number, but if you’re still paying for long-distance calls, I doubt you’re reading this article anyway. 😉

black rotary telephone on white surface

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I waited to talk to a representative and told her I wanted to donate my Frontier Miles. She asked me which charity I wanted to give my miles, but I didn’t know because of the lack of info on Frontier’s website.

Here’s the list I received (forgive me if I missed some; it’s not intentional).

  • American Red Cross
  • Fisher House / Hero Miles
  • Make A Wish Colorado
  • American Cancer Society
  • Denver Children’s Hospital
  • Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Fund
  • Miracle Flights

I picked the charity I wanted to donate to and she completed the transaction. I even received confirmation from Frontier. Take a good look, as it’s the only time you’ll see an invoice with no price from Frontier.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 4.38.12 PM

In all, the call only took five minutes. That’s less time than it took me to look up which charities I could donate to online and to find the correct phone number. I’m glad I was able to donate my miles; now I just need to get Sharon to call in and donate hers before they expire.

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Tim - Take me to the Points December 7, 2018 - 2:51 pm

Good stuff, as always. You guys are quickly becoming my favourite miles site from across the pond! You’re the first non-UK site I check on.



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