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The Hotel Rooms Nightmares Are Made Out Of

by SharonKurheg

I love to find “different” travel-related stuff on the internet. And heaven knows I have…

So when I discovered a website that highlights hotel rooms with the stuff nightmares are made out of, well, you just knew I had to share, right?


HotelNightmares.com is a website with photos of things you’d hope to never find in hotels, but these people did.

From their website:

Business travelers, recreational travelers, novice travelers, professional travelers, space travelers…they’ve all experienced at least once, the thrill of checking into a hotel room and seeing a slightly bleached but still clearly defined vomit puddle near the bathroom door. Or a speck of blood on the shower tile. Maybe the random collection of short curly hair behind the door. Possibly a Rorschach test pattern of white droplets and splatter on the sofa.

Finally there’s a place to share these images without the social media stigma you might get from your children, parents or spiritual advisor who would look askance and ask “What the hell is wrong with you?” followed by “What kind of dumps do you stay in? Are you really that cheap?”

At hotelnightmares.com we know that filth doesn’t operate by a star system and that nice hotels are just as likely to have a dookie stain on the bed spread as that joint your boss put you in near the New Orleans airport last week. So share, stare…we don’t care. It’s all about the ish at hotelnightmares.com

It’s not a website where hotels are rated or, for the most part, even identified (read: they might say they’re at an IHG brand hotel in Dallas, but don’t say where it is).

But if you’ve ever been to a hotel and had the corpse of a huge bug in the overhead light fixture…

Or had a window in your hotel that hadn’t been squeegeed since the day it was installed…

Or had a room with what could possibly be the saddest plastic plant ever…

Or couldn’t identify the stain on the chair next to your bed…

Or you couldn’t tell if the marks on your bathroom faucet were toothpaste vs. soap vs. who-knows-what but why is it even there…

Or there was a hair in your in-room fridge…?

(^^^ all photos via hotelnightmares.com)

…then this website is for you.

Um…pleasant dreams?

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