Where To Find The Cheapest Car Rental Rates In The U.S.

by SharonKurheg

How much it costs to rent a car depends on a lot of factors, including how old you are, what type of car you want to rent, where you pick it up, the day of the week you pick it up, how long you’ll have the car, any special memberships you have, etc.

All that set aside, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, car rental prices have been, on the whole, cheaper than usual. Even now, during the summer, which tends to be the most expensive time of the year for car rentals, prices across the country are significantly lower than usual. In general, rates for rental cars are down roughly 15% this year, but some cities have experienced rate drops of nearly 40%.

CheapCarRental.com recently did a survey of 50 destinations across the U.S. to see how much it cost to rent a car in each city for a week in August 2020. They took all nationally known car rental companies into consideration and compared rates at pick-up locations at airports as well as off-site and in neighborhoods.

The most expensive city to rent a car for a week this summer is Detroit, where you can expect to pay about $446 per week, or $63.71 per day. That was followed by Memphis ($425 per week/$60.71 per day) and Philadelphia ($405 per week/$57.86 per day).

On the other end of the spectrum, the city that’s the cheapest to rent a car this summer is Orlando. It costs $120 per week, or $17.14 per day. The second least expensive is Los Angeles ($130 per week/$18.57 per day), and the third cheapest brings you back to Florida, with Tampa costing $157 per week ($22.43 per day).

Here are the 10 highest weekly car rates in the country this summer, as per CheapcarRental.com:


  • 1. Detroit $446
  • 2. Memphis $425
  • 3. Philadelphia $406
  • 4. Kansas City $385
  • 5. Pittsburgh $352
  • 6. Indianapolis $331
  • 7. Sacramento $329
  • 8. New York City $326
  • 9. Anchorage $325
  • 10. Albuquerque $316

And here are the 10 cheapest:


  • 1. Orlando $120
  • 2. Los Angeles $130
  • 3. Tampa $157
  • 4. Miami $163
  • 5. Columbus $168
  • 6. Las Vegas $169
  • 7. San Diego $197
  • 8. San Francisco $198
  • 9. St. Louis $199
  • 10. Oakland $200

Go to this page of CheapCarRental.com’s website to see the full list of 50 cities.

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