World’s Worst Airbnb Listing Got Dozens of Booking Requests

by SharonKurheg

Most Airbnb owners do their best to make their property look and sound as appealing as possible. However, a group of YouTubers from the U.K. decided to go in the opposite direction.

Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz and Hitchin are friends who were interested in renting out an Airbnb. They were disappointed in the rentals they saw, thinking most of them were overpriced. So the group, who specializes in pulling pranks as some of the content for their YouTube channel, decided to make their own Airbnb listing. But they wanted it to be, “the cheapest, most unique Airbnb experience you could ever endure.”

They advertised a rental that included stuff they had all gotten for free or super cheap on Facebook Marketplace – a mattress with a sheet and blanket, a bedside table, two glasses of water and a lamp. That’s all. The lamp wasn’t even plugged into anything. Oh, and it was in the middle of a field, under a tree, in north London.

a screenshot of a web page

Screengrab: YouTube/Passion Squad

The online description read: “This is inspired by one of the most exquisite and unique hotels in Europe. It has got easy access to wildlife, some fresh air, and peace.” The hotel they reference is the Null Stern Hotel (here’s a translation of the page, which is in German), in Switzerland. It’s a hotel that offers a handful of bed, outdoors, in the Swiss Alps.

The guys put the ad up and, amazingly, Airbnb accepted it. Even more amazingly, bunches of people expressed interest in the “rental.” They asked questions such as:

  • What if it rains?
  • Is there air conditioning?
  • Would you accept £85 for a 4-week stay?

Of course they shut down the listing, but if they follow through with what they say in their video, maybe there will be a follow-up 😉

The Null Stern Hotel of London doesn’t sound like a place I’d want to spend the night (especially after seeing how they got that mattress from Point A to Point B). But it still might be better than some of the worst hotels in the world according to Trip Advisor ;-).

Here’s the video the guys made of their experience:


Feature Photo: Pixabay

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