This Skill Has Come In Handy While Traveling During Covid

by joeheg

Most of us have some hidden skill. It’s something that makes little difference in our everyday life but we still have pride in our ability to do it. For some people, it’s speaking another language. Others can do math in their head. Sharon’s amazing at remembering numbers and I once had a co-worker who was able to remember everyone’s birthday.

My skill’s not that impressive. However, it has started to come in handy when we’ve been traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve been taking several trips by car, which means we’re no longer inhibited by the luggage restrictions we’d be subject to if we were flying to our destination. Of the few big trips we’ve taken, we’ve stayed in cabins. That means besides our clothes, we’ve also had to bring supplies for the cabin. That means groceries, cooking supplies and outdoor necessities.

Fortunately, my superpower is packing. I take pride in my ability to fit all of our items into the available space. I’ve known of this gift every since we drove in my car to the cruise terminal with 5 people and luggage.

a car with luggage in the trunk

I also found a way to fit all of our luggage in the bathroom (including in the shower) so we could take pictures of our room at Motel One in Munich.

a group of luggage in a bathroom

Most recently, my skills haven’t been used to pack a car but to pack luggage carts. With most hotels stopping bell services due to COVID-19, we’ve been forced to bring our own luggage to our room.

For me, this isn’t a problem. In fact, I much prefer it. Since I was able to get my luggage from my house to the car and into whatever means of transportation that brought me to your hotel, I think I’m more than capable of bringing it the last few feet of the journey from the lobby to the room.

Every hotel we’ve visited has provided a luggage cart, which I’ve packed myself. It’s much faster now that I don’t have to explain which bags are fragile, contain groceries, are ones that need to be kept on top or the ones that we’d rather carry. I’m also more willing to put a computer bag on there if I’m the one who’s going to be taking it to the room.

Not to be vain, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the last few trips. Particularly the last one where we stayed at three different hotels over the course of a week.

a man wearing a mask standing in a room with luggage

Not bad for an amateur. And if you’re wondering, that is a Your Mileage May Vary luggage tag on our suitcase. 🙂 If you’re wondering why there are two pillows on the cart, we do bring our pillows along with us from home when traveling.

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Christian December 9, 2020 - 7:16 pm

Good skill to have. That’s a hell of a lot of luggage for two people though. Is bringing your own pillows an always thing or just during the current Covid thing? I’d never really given much thought to doing that but I can see some advantages.

joeheg December 11, 2020 - 10:58 am

Bringing our own pillows is an all the time thing. Sharon won’t travel without hers while I’l make due for a 1-2 night stay without it.

Randy December 10, 2020 - 3:13 pm

I bring my own pillow also. I use a down one and usually lodging places have those hard foam rubber ones. My wife says that I can just wad up a towel and use that, because it is about the same thickness as my down one–and I have done that!!


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