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While The US Ponders COVID Tests For Domestic Flights, China Is Using Anal Swab Testing

by SharonKurheg

In recent days, multiple media outlets have reported that the U.S. is considering the possibility of requiring COVID testing before domestic flights.

“These are conversations that are ongoing,” CDC Director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine Marty Cetron told reporters, “and looking at what the types and locations of testing might be. We’re actively looking at it.”

This potential new COVID testing is on top of the mandatory testing that went into effect earlier this week for U.S.-bound air passengers.

But if any of us think we have it bad, that’s nothing in comparison to what’s happening in Beijing.

They’re doing anal swabs to check for coronavirus.

According to Forbes, some Chinese experts think that method is more accurate than the typical nose or throat swab. Apparently, studies show the virus remains in the anus for longer than it does in the respiratory tract. This, in turn, makes them believe that an anal test is better at identifying the virus in people who are asymptomatic or who just have mild cases.

To collect the samples for the test, a swab is inserted into the rectum about two or three centimeters (roughly an inch) deep, then rotated several times. After the motion is done twice, the swab is removed and placed into a sterile sample container.

China has been extremely serious about coronavirus, with lockdowns, lockouts and quarantines of entire cities. So when there’s a breakout, they go into action to prevent it from going any further.

Such is the case in Beijing right now.

Not all Beijing residents are required to get the test – just those in select neighborhoods with confirmed COVID cases, as well as those in designated quarantine facilities.

Meanwhile, people using Weibo, China’s social media platform that’s similar to Twitter, have had what to say about the testing, as per CTV:

“So lucky I returned to China earlier,” wrote one user.

Another wrote, “Low harm, but extreme humiliation,” with a laughing emoticon at the end.

“I’ve done two anal swabs, every time I did one I had to do a throat swab afterward — I was so scared the nurse would forget to use a new swab,” another Weibo user said jokingly.

Forbes has reached out to the U.S. CDC and FDA  to see whether they have plans to introduce anal swab tests.

I hope they don’t. Especially not for travel… 😉

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Gilbert January 28, 2021 - 2:18 pm

Few headlines make me spit out my coffee. Well done : )

SharonKurheg January 28, 2021 - 2:35 pm

Huzzah! 😉

DT January 28, 2021 - 2:30 pm

As the English would say, “That’s rather cheeky!”.
So, when does it transition from “testing”, to “sexual harassment”?
If you pass gas while being tested, are you charged with assault (on medical personnel)?
Gives a whole new meaning to “red eye” on incoming flights!



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