We’re Back From Iceland & Ready To Get Back To Writing

by joeheg

We’re Back!

Through all the years Sharon and I have been writing for Your Mileage May Vary, we’ve always tried to post regularly. Sure, there were times when we cut back but we’ve never just skipped out on writing for a prolonged time. Until now.

Over the past week plus a few days, Sharon and I have traveled around Iceland on our first post-COVID, fully-vaccinated international trip. We weren’t planning on taking an international flight for a while since we hadn’t even been on a domestic flight since February 2020. The way things went, we didn’t have time to prepare posts for the trip and we figured you’d be able to get the biggest news in the blogosphere from other sites while we were gone. Not to mention that between jet lag and the lack of nighttime or sunshine for most of our stay, our internal clocks were pretty messed up.

So while you were learning about ThankYou Points being able to be transferred to American AAdvantage or trying to email Delta’s CEO to fix a problem because the time on hold to get a representative was too long, we were checking out somewhere we never planned to visit. Spoiler alert: we enjoyed the trip way more than we ever imagined we would.

So for the next few weeks, expect to see many posts about our trip to Iceland. From how we could visit without quarantine by showing our vaccination certificate, what it’s like to live in a world where COVID restrictions don’t exist, how Iceland is unlike anywhere else in the world, and the things that the guidebooks don’t tell you before you visit.

Until then, here’s a sneak preview.

We saw geysers

Plenty of waterfalls


Did I mention waterfalls, this time over cool rock formations?

Lots of photogenic churches in the middle of fields.

And an endless number of places where you can try to look cool while standing in front of natural wonders.

As first-time visitors to Iceland, we have plenty of things to share that we learned along the way. We tried to visit the major sites while also visiting some lesser-known spots. There was also one place in Reykjavik that Sharon just “had” to visit.

While it was nice to be back out in the world traveling again, we’re also reminded how nice it is to be back home and sleeping in our own bed with our (12 year old) puppy, who was very happy to see us when we walked through the door.

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