Hey Look! Another Pilot Drew A “Sky Penis”

by SharonKurheg

I’m not sure how often any of you have ever Googled the words SKY and PENIS at the same time (not that I ever had until now but hey, I guess it’s part of being a travel blogger sometimes), but if you do, you’ll see more than 57 million hits. Stories abound about Navy pilots, Air Force pilots, Marine pilots, pilots in the U.K.’s Royal Air Force, Russian pilots, Lufthansa pilots, you name it. They had all drawn penises, via their flight paths, in the sky. Private citizens with pilot’s licenses have done it, too.

Insert your own joke about compensating, etc. Or just listen to this cockpit audio of what allegedly became the Navy’s sky penis from 2019 (but don’t listen at work. Definitely NSFW).

So it’s really not a super surprise that someone else has erected a sky penis. It’s still just as funny, though.

Details are still forthcoming. But on January 15, a Cessna 150 (registration N45143) in California flew out of Long Beach (LBG) at 10:52am and flew around for 3 hours and 47 minutes, before landing at 2:39pm.

The Cessna hugged the west coast and if you look at its path on flightradar24, it initially doesn’t look like much:

But if you zoom in and concentrate on the northern portions of the flight, well….

Well, OK then?

Again, there’s not a whole lot of info about the flight. We don’t know if “Ryan” is the person flying the plane, or if the sky penis over Wilshire Center and Koreatown was meant to be FOR someone named Ryan.

Of course, Twitter had a ball (or two) with it:

As did reddit

Some mentioned how much money it would have cost to pull a stunt like that, but one Redditor, ryumast3r, explained:

I mean, it’s a Cessna 150, it’s not like it’s that much, and it very well could just be an “hours flight” for practice. He’s spent about $155 total (unless he’s renting the aircraft). For a half day of fun, sightseeing, and penis drawing, honestly it’s not that much.

A 1975 Cessna 150 burns 6.5 gallons per hour (at 75% cruise), this flight has been approximately 3.5 hours (probably going to hit 4 hours by the time he’s done considering that’s the max fuel capacity of a C-150). Avgas (100LL) at Long Beach is running at $5.97/gallon right now means he spent about $155.

For more context, a 1975 Cessna 150 costs like $45,000.

Anyway, it broke up a long day. 😉

Feature Photo: GerardvdSchaaf / Wikimedia

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