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Toobing (Tubing) In Texas – Floating The Comal River

by joeheg

While we’ve been visiting New Braunfels, TX for over a decade, our main purpose was to go to Schlitterbahn. While we might be obsessed with this waterpark, we’ve done plenty of other things during our trips.

On one of our first trips to the area, we went to a local outfitter and went for a tube ride on the Guadalupe River. IMHO, it was underwhelming. We sat in the sun for what felt like hours being visited by small fish and bugs of all sizes and shapes until it was eventually over. Can you tell I didn’t have a good time?

If you’ve been following our pandemic travels, you know that we spent much of our travel time with our COVID-bubble buddies. One of our first destinations was Helen, GA where we saw people tubing on the Hooch (that’s the Chattahoochee River to us northerners). We described our attempt at the activity and were told that we did it wrong. There’s river etiquette to be followed, which may or may not include alcohol, which makes floating down the river more enjoyable. 😉

When our friends came along with us to Texas, and we met up with a few other mutual friends, we went back to “toob” in the river. I wasn’t expecting much.

For starters, we picked a different river in New Braunfels. Instead of the Guadalupe, we went on the Comal River.  Mostly because I saw this video on YouTube and thought it looked super cool.

One of the biggest tube river outfitters in the New Braunfels area is Rockin’ R. In fact, we drive past their location almost every day when we’re visiting Schlitterbahn.

A float on the Comal River costs $25 which includes the tube rental and a ride to and from the river (which is important.) The float takes from 90 minutes to 2 hours and if you want to go again, it’s only an extra $5.

In order to keep the river clean for everyone, New Braunfels has put rules in place for what you are able, and not able to bring on your float. It’s called the “New Braunfels Can Ban.”

We checked in at their location near the river, where we were able to park our car. Here we paid for the trip and were able to purchase any items needed. Then we and our tubes loaded into the van.

It was only a short drive to the drop-in location. We were given instructions on the river, like when we needed to lift our butts to prevent scraping the bottom, and where to meet the van at the end of the float.

Then we walked to the river.

This was already better than the last time I floated on a river.

The water was clear and we headed down river with the rest of our group.

We floated past many of the riverside condos you’re able to rent on Airbnb.

It was a pleasant trip with plenty of shade from the trees.

We managed to make it through the earlier-mentioned tube chute. It was stronger than planned and the end has quite a current which can keep you stuck in a neverending loop if you’re not careful (Note from Sharon: I can vouch for that neverending loop).

Once past that, you’re back to floating.

Once past the last bridge, we got to the exit, where a Rockin’ R employee waited to help us out of the river.

We walked up to the parking lot and saw our van (with Schlitterbahn and the Master Blaster in the background.)

It was an incredibly relaxing way to spend 2 hours. If we hadn’t started so late in the afternoon, we would have gone back again. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re planning when we head back this year.

Forgive my ignorance during my first trip. We picked the wrong river and didn’t know what we were doing. All I felt was the annoyance of bugs landing on me as I burnt to a crisp on a tube.

This trip was much better spent floating with friends with a random slide thrown into the mix.

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DaninMCI July 16, 2022 - 6:31 am

Floating without cans of beer, how weird.


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