Marco Rubio Broke The Cardinal Rule of Travel Safety

by joeheg

The U.S. Senate has a particular set of rules regarding how things work. One sticky point is that votes need to be done in person. As you’d imagine, senators frequently travel between their home states and Washington D.C.

Politicians are not immune to the travel problems we’ve suffered from over the past year. It’s understandable they’d do the same as us during a bad travel day and vent on Twitter.  That’s exactly what Florida senator Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) did when he received an overnight message saying his morning flight on American Airlines from Miami to Washington D.C. was canceled.

While many have used this Tweet to attack the senator about he’s complaining about doing his job, others noticed that Mr. Rubio made a major error in his Tweet, which included a screenshot of the cancellation message.

a screenshot of a social media post

I’ve cropped the image but just below was his PNR for this flight. The senator has since deleted the Tweet, but because this is the internet, nothing is really deleted and it’s easy to find the tweet on ProPublica’s Politwhoops website. The information was public for 7 hours, and it’s easy enough to find the original image if you want.

Obviously, he never read our post about how you should never post your flight information on social media. This is such a big mistake because it wouldn’t have been difficult for anyone to go to AA’s website, enter the PNR and passenger name and make changes or even cancel the ticket. Once logged in, they might have access to his AAdvantage account and with a little work been able to hack that as well.

While I’m sure it’s the senator’s staffers who needed to clean up the mess, it serves as a reminder to all of us. Even if you’re fuming mad about your travel problems, don’t make a stupid mistake and post your personal information to your social accounts for everyone to see. That action might cause you more hardship than just having to reschedule flights.

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