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Inventive Hack To Get The Window Seat On Southwest

by SharonKurheg

I know there are some people who swear by their aisle seats. People on #teamaisleseat get a little more leg room, they have the easiest access for getting up to walk around, go to the lavatory, etc. There is, of course, the one issue with putting your stuff under your seat. But other than that, aisle people simply love their aisle seats.

Me, I’m a window seat person. I, like my #teamwindowseat brethren, like having something to lean against and I LOVE looking out the window.

Of course, if you REALLY want your window seat or aisle seat on most commercial airlines, you can just pay up and get one. But if you’re on Southwest, you don’t have that option – it’s purely first come, first served.

Well, unless you use this very inventive (well, more like manipulative) hack.

Michael T. was scheduled to be on a Southwest flight from Oakland to Dallas last week. He was in the queue, ready to board, when he noticed a mother and two children, a girl and a boy, standing just in front of them. He approximated the kids to be maybe 8 and 6 and you could tell they were siblings. The girl was the older one and although she spoke as if she had been on a plane before, and the boy sounded as if he had never flown.

I’ll let Michael take it from here:

“Right when we are about to board the sister announces how she wants the middle seat. She’s going on and about how she’s so excited to have the middle seat. This starts an argument with the younger brother because he now wants the middle seat. She is like, ‘I’m older, so I get to pick first!’

“This makes her brother even more mad and he really, really wants the middle seat. But no, she says she wants the middle seat and is not giving it up because she doesn’t want to be stuck in the window seat. The younger brother really wants the middle now cause he doesn’t want to be stuck with a window seat. He’s desperate y’all. He even offered her his snacks in exchange for the middle seat!

“She’s finally like, ‘Fine, I guess I’ll be stuck in the window,’ and stomps her feet.

“When I tell you this little boy was so proud he was going to get the middle seat. She had this angry annoyed look on her face but when he wasn’t looking she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Now, I’m sitting here watching all this go on, wanting to scream, ‘Bruhhhhh she got you for the window and taking your snacks!’ Snitches get stitches though, so I just stayed quiet.

“Now we are on board and I wind up sitting near this family. My boy was in tears yalllllllll! TEARS! He realized what happened but it’s too late.

“Mom is confused and wondering why her son is crying. He is like, ‘She tricked me for the window seat!’

“I’m like, ‘You didn’t see your daughter giving an Oscar winning performance???’

“So at the end the boy will get to sit in the window when they fly back home and she did make the daughter return the snacks to the brother.”

And that, my friends, is THE most inventive (OK yes, and manipulative) way I’VE ever heard to get a window seat on Southwest! 😉

I always say on Facebook that if I see something that makes me laugh out loud, I’ll share it. I guess the same holds true for our blog. 😉

*** MANY thanks to Michael T. for allowing us to share his story!

Feature photo: Pexels

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derek August 11, 2022 - 4:59 pm

The mother should either dictate a settlement or suggest how they can come to a compromise. That compromise is to either switch seat mid flight or on the return flight. Either a specific time or when the plane is about to cross from AZ to NM is the half way point.

Christian August 11, 2022 - 11:13 pm

The sister did a great Tom Sawyer impression. As long as the parents don’t let it happen often it will be fine.

StAugustine August 12, 2022 - 7:40 am

That girl has a great future in politics.


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