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What’s The Best Business Class Seat On Singapore Airlines?

by joeheg

I put little value in the travel advice given on TikTok or on Facebook Reels. Honestly, how much information can you provide in 1 minute or less? However, I occasionally see questions presented that I don’t know the answer to.

Such was this YouTube video informing passengers that business class seats on Singapore Airlines have narrow footwells but the bulkhead seats have much more space.

I knew this trick, as I booked two middle bulkhead seats on our business class Singapore Airlines A380 flight from JFK-FRA.

While I don’t usually sleep much on a transatlantic flight, I did manage to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

That flight was about 8 hours. Our flights from Singapore to LAX and SFO are between 15-18 hours and will be some of the longest flights we’ll have ever taken. Undoubtedly, I’ll want to sleep at some time on the flight. So what seats should I pick in A350-900 Singapore Business Class?

According to the video, I need to pick a bulkhead or suffer from restricted legroom. Unfortunately, those seats are already blocked on our flights.

My choices are between two window seats, two middle seats, or a middle and a window. Despite the video saying the footwell is restrictive, this review shows that there is plenty of space for your feet.

For our connecting flight from SIN-SGN, we’re booked on a regionally configured A350 which has staggered seating.

As with the other flight, the bulkhead row is apparently blocked.

As a couple traveling together, what are our best choices on these flights? I can’t seem to find a consensus online and I seem to think that that we’ll have a great flight no matter which seats we choose.

Does anyone have experience flying on Singapore’s A350-900 Business Class? How bad is the angled footwell? Besides that, is there any part of the cabin that’s better than another?

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Wendy Barish August 26, 2022 - 6:53 pm

Just took this aircraft two days ago. Depending on how you sleep (on your side or on your back) the angled footwell can be awkward. We traveled as a couple in the side singles. I’d recommend interior sinles (like 15 k or 20a) for the most privacy.

jakebrown11 August 26, 2022 - 7:25 pm

I’ve flown in this seat many times. Both in bulk head and the others. Bulkhead is way better. If you can get it. I think they block it for paying customers or maybe their Solitaire level customers.
The foot well is on the narrow side, but a bigger issue in my opinion is that the footwell is in the corner, so to use it you have to sit/sleep at an angle. Sleeping is not so bad, but sitting at an angle is not great.


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