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What Happened When Identical Twins Tried To Switch Passports

by SharonKurheg

Identical twins have been the focus of peoples’ curiosities since the dawn of time. They’re developed when a single egg is fertilized by a single sperm, and the fertilized egg then splits in two. With that, you get 2 babies who look 100% identical (Fun fact! Although they look alike, their DNA is generally not 100% identical).

We’ve all heard stories of identical twins who have tried to “trick” people – their parents, school teachers, etc. – by switching places. Family members can usually tell the difference. People outside the family, probably not so much. Which led William and Henry Wade, identical twins from London, to wonder, “what about the people at passport control?” Could the Wade Twins (as they’re known to their TikTok fans) get away with switching their passports and not get caught?

Take a look:


Watch us swap passports and get through airport security 😳 #Twins #Airport #ForYou #Wow

♬ Walking On a Dream – Empire of the Sun

As you can see, the pair is seen switching their passports (HA! one was issued pre-Brexit, one post-Brexit. Here’s how you can tell) before going through automated passport controls. The machines let them both in without any issues.

Response to the stunt was mixed, although more thought they shouldn’t have done it.

— Some people questioned if they had switched their passports off-camera and then switched them back to the “correct” twin while they were taking the videos.

— Another commenter mused what would happen if the first one worked and the second one failed.

— “Guys, I have a friend that got 2 years for that in jail… I hope no one would ever find this out 😳😳😳” -BadArt

— “I’m an identical twin, and would try this, but she’s in a wheelchair and I’m not 😅😂 ” -Georgie

— “Well you just document that you committed a crime 😅 and that’s even no joke !” -gesch99

— “Growing up I knew identical triplets. They all shared one drivers license 😁” -barbara non facit philosophum

— “youre playing with fire lads” -Pen Androll

— “Identical twins share the same DNA [ETA – no they don’t; just most of it. See link above]  but not fingerprint or same irises so it wouldve been impossible for them to pass through😁” -user7067077977799 (that was my thought – one of these days it won’t be so easy for identical twins to do something like that)

— “my passport didn’t even work on this machine 💀 I had to go to an actual person to get it checked 😭” -Heather

— “I once got through a whole airport and onto a flight with my daughters passport and no one noticed until I did 😳” tessabella11

— “By the law it’s using other personal document, so it’s pretty risky to repeat ☺️☺️” -Raimundas Mickunas

IF the guys actually swapped passports, should they have? Legally, no. But as someone said, “Duh, they’re identical.” If security isn’t using biometrics to confirm who they are, that’s what can happen. Welcome to the world of being an identical twin, I guess.

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David May September 21, 2022 - 2:17 pm

I am an identical twin. We switched classes, became too easy. The only thing I see wrong is that I wish I did it first.

Dustin September 21, 2022 - 2:54 pm

Lol 😂 they are gonna get secondary inspections every time they enter now. If the right person see this.

derek September 21, 2022 - 3:05 pm

I read that a twin was accused of a crime and blamed it on the twin. That twin blamed it on the original twin suspect. I don’t know what happened. It may have been in Baltimore.


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