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American Airlines’ Explanation For “Moaning” Noise on LAX to DFW Flight

by SharonKurheg

Last week, Actor/Producer Emerson Collins was on an American Airlines flight from LAC to Dallas. As the flight continued, some strange sounds started coming from the plane’s public announcement system.

Collins began recording the event and said in the video, “Someone on this flight seems to have broken into the intercom system and continues to make a sound that is somewhere between an orgasm and vomiting” (which is quite an unusual description but there ya go! LOL!)

Not surprisingly, it went viral after he posted it. In the video, you can hear the sounds, along with an announcement from the flight attendant, who apologized for the “irritating sound” and was convinced it was a prank.

“…Please be patient with us, we know it’s a very odd anomaly, and none of us are enjoying it, so we do appreciate your attention just for a few more moments until we figure out how to turn it off,” the flight attendant said over the PA system.

The Captain made an announcement, as well – but the odd sounds didn’t end until the flight landed.

Here’s the video:

Although Collins suggested someone “broke into” the intercom, American Airlines said that wasn’t a possibility, as the PA systems aren’t connected to the internet. Instead, the company says they looked into it and blamed it on a (comparatively mild, and much more boring) malfunctioning system.

“The PA systems onboard our aircraft are hardwired and there is no external access. Following the initial report, our maintenance team thoroughly inspected the aircraft and the PA system and determined the sounds were caused by a mechanical issue with the PA amplifier, which raises the volume of the PA system when the engines are running,” American Airlines said in a statement.

Well, OK. But it sure did sound awfully….human.

As for Collins, he said it was thoroughly entertaining and the best in-flight entertainment he’s had in quite some time.

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