Woman’s Revenge On Passengers Who Recline: Genius or Evil?

by SharonKurheg

We all know that when you get onto a plane, your seat has to be in the upright position upon takeoff and landing (here’s why). Once you’ve reached a certain level in the sky after takeoff, you’re allowed to recline if you so desire.

There are all different types of people who recline, as well as people who simply don’t recline. However whether they’re on Team Recline or Team Not Recline, folks usually have very strong feelings about reclining (or not) on a plane. And regardless of which team you’re on, they’re usually shared with your “team mates” all over the world. Case in point…

Fitzy & Wippa is a breakfast radio show broadcast out of Sydney, Australia. It’s hosted by comedians Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, Michael “Wippa” Wipfli with Sarah McGilvray. The show’s been on the air on weekday mornings since 2011, and features music and daily topic discussions and special guests.

A while back the hosts must have been talking about flying, because a woman called in and explained what she does when someone reclines their seat:

@fitzyandwippa Would you dare do this? 😂 #fitzyandwippa #travelhack #airplanehack #traveller ♬ original sound – Fitzy & Wippa

Fitzy & Wippa hashtagged it as a #travelhack but I guess she saw it as “revenge?” Anyway, at last look, the post had over 1,101 comments and you can just tell who is on #TeamRecline, who’s on #TeamNotRecline, and who just wanted to comment on what she says she does. Take a look:

  • Yeah this backfired on you guys 😂 I paid for my seat I’m reclining it — Anonymous
  • I guess i’m the only person who doesn’t mind when people lean back their seats. It doesn’t even phase me. — gevans792
  • Nah, aircon vents or not i’m wearing my hoodie. I’m prepared bruh. I will recline it, paid for it. — liezliezliez
  • I think it’s also about when to recline or not to recline, fine most of the flight but while foods being served put it up — You Know Claire
  • “Inconsiderate” = using chair function the way it was designed to increase comfort — Ro
  • Full blast of 0.5 psi of luke warm air, you showed them 🙄 — Boston332
  • ‘All the way back’ it’s 2cm — Pickleforme
  • they should remove the recline feature on planes. i once had a guy in my space for 14 hours — Emma
  • don’t get it. When did we, the commoners in steerage, decide our fellow travels cannot recline their seat?? RECLINE AWAY, DARLINGS. FIND COMFORT. — Brixie
  • lol. thanks I love the air on me. as a nervous flyer, I sweat so need that cold blast😂 — dogslave
  • if both people recline, the distance between them remains exactly the same. besides it only reclines like 2 inches!
  • Karen vibes — Thiago
  • My row was empty but the guy right in front of me was sick/coughing/no mask, i turned all three on him — cantstpahapa
  • I hold their chair so they can’t recline and they think that’s all it goes. — Brian Mcdermott888
  • Upgrade, I mean its economy for a reason 🤷🏽‍♀️ — Trey2.0
  • I’d be thanking her! X2 aircons — adza003
  • um…pay for the seat, i recline my seat if i so wish — Martha
  • We’re all fighting with each other but the airlines are the ones who made the seats that close together. — Hanna
  • you’ll never stop me from reclining — Caesar Guerini Fan
  • All the US comments ‘I paid for it I don’t care about anyone else’. Well done Aussie’s – thinking of others. — Brandyblazer

What do you think? Genius move or petty? (also mention if you’re #TeamRecline or #TeamNotRecline)

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Sam Stevens November 8, 2022 - 10:27 pm

I’m 6 foot 5 inches tall, 230 pounds. Most airline seats recline without me pushing the button and won’t stay in the upright position.

Babblespeak November 9, 2022 - 5:56 am

I paid for my seat, so I do what I want with it. Your feelings don’t matter. End of story.

Graciela November 17, 2022 - 1:27 pm

Well when you are seat and a kid hit you seat one time and another and another to the time you back is so hertz is not fear because the mom is washing him to do it I get up and I said stop my back is hertz the mom look at me sooooo mean look and the kind do it more and more time’s then I have to get and another plane for 10 Hours my back was very hertz what can we do about that


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