2 Unusual Ways To Keep An Empty Seat Next To You On Southwest

by SharonKurheg

Southwest Airlines is the odd man out when it comes to seating assignments, simply because there aren’t any. Instead of you picking your own seat when you make your reservation, or paying less and having the airline assign you where you’re going to sit (and then have something like this happen), you line up and, when it’s your turn to board the plane, you sit in whichever open seat you’d like.

If you’re within the first third or so of passengers to board, you’ll get a good selection of where to sit. Like the window? There will be plenty available. More of an aisle person? No worries. Prefer the front? Over the wing? The back? All good.

No one wants the middle seat, though. So once all of those window and aisle seats are taken, your fellow passengers have to start choosing which middle seat to sit in. And, of course, those aisle and window people would just LOVE to keep that middle seat open.

People have used all sorts of techniques to stop others from sitting in the middle seat next to them:

  • Put something on the seat and don’t give eye contact
  • Look mean/angry
  • Have a child with you (the younger, the better)
  • You and your partner sit in the window and aisle seats and pretend to have an argument during boarding

Well, actor/producer Zach Prengler thought up another, let’s call it “inventive” way to keep the seat next to him open. Take a look:


And it worked 😈 #fyp #foryoupage #trending #southwestairlines #flying #airplane #travel #lifehack #lifehacks #lollapalooza

♬ Making the Plane (Instrumental) – John Williams

He said it worked!

And then there was this Tiktok video, which shows another technique  to help ensure no one sits next to you…as long as you don’t mind being labeled “that” person:


GENIUS MOVE – You never want someone to sit next to you 🤣 #funny #smart #lifehacks #prank #shoutoutot

♬ wait why did this blow up – Tik Toker

A few people who saw this video said it would only work for a man, and I suppose they could be right. And there could be those super friendly people who would take it as an actual, serious invitation.

But for the rest of us? Maybe add it to the “big of tricks.”

OK, maybe not LOLOL!

Enjoy the rest of your day, travel friends!

Feature Photo: Piqsels

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hal March 31, 2021 - 3:54 pm

sounds great in theory until you get some creepy dude (99% chance) that wants to sit next to you, or a really hot chick (1% chance)

Mike Chaput April 1, 2021 - 4:38 pm

very large windows for a Boeing!


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