Looking Back At Our Flights in 2022 (One Stat Blew Me Away!)

by joeheg

For the past several years, I’ve looked back at our travels for the previous 12 months. I like to remember our trips but it’s also a way to evaluate our travel patterns and see if I’m focusing on earning points that we’re more likely to use. Since we don’t fly enough to make having status worthwhile, I’ll look to see if we have co-brand cards with the airlines we use the most to give us benefits that are almost the same as having low-level status.

Looking at 2022, there’s one stat that stands out. Sharon flew more butt-in-seat miles than I did. Pre-pandemic, my work travel was taking me away from home more often. However, in 2022, Sharon took a few solo trips which put her ahead of me in travel miles.

a map of the united states with red linesWhen considering shared trips, we flew 14 segments totaling 17,685 miles.

Our longest flight of the year was the 4,757-mile trip from Honolulu to Orlando on Hawaiian Airlines.

Joe’s Trips

I took two solo trips this year to Atlanta and Philadelphia which brought my total miles flown to 21,321 miles.

a map of the united states with red lines

My shortest flight this year was from PHL-EWR, clocking in at a massive 80 miles. I’ve driven between the two cities faster than it took to fly between them.

a plane at an airport

Here’s how my flights broke down between airlines.

  • Southwest – 6 segments
  • Delta – 4 segments
  • American – 4 segments
  • United – 2 segments
  • JetBlue – 2 segments
  • Hawaiian – 1 segment
  • Spirit – 1 segment

Sharon’s Flights

With solo trips to Providence, RI and San Francisco, Sharon flew more than me in 2022, ending the year with 25,665 miles.

a map of the united states

Her shortest flight was the island hopper from LIH-HNL on Southwest, measuring 102 miles.

an airplane wing and a body of waterSharon’s airline breakdown is slightly different from mine.

  • Southwest – 7 segments
  • American – 3 segments
  • Delta – 3 segments
  • JetBlue – 3 segments
  • United – 1 segment
  • Hawaiian – 1 segment
  • Alaska – 1 segment

Final Thoughts

It was interesting to see that our travel patterns diverged a bit in 2022. That’s because we’re willing to go on solo trips, unlike this couple. In fact, Sharon got close to the 29,000 miles we flew in 2019.

With a transpacific trip planned for early 2023, we’re sure to surpass our miles flown in 2022. How much depends on how many other trips we’re going to take thorough the year.

Maps courtesy of Great Circle Mapper.

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