I Played Bilt Rewards’ Trivia Game, Until The App Froze

by joeheg

Bilt runs a “Rent Day” promotion on the first of every month. Besides doubling the points earned for purchases in all categories (6X travel, 4X dining, 2X everything else except rent), they also offer other fun ways to try to earn points.

On January 1st, they ran a “Point Quest” trivia game hosted by Scott Rogowsky, formerly of HQ Trivia. The deal was you’d get to answer 10 questions, each correct answer earning 50 points. If you got all 10 right, you’d get an 11th question for a bonus of 100 points.

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Six hundred points aren’t earth-shattering, but it’s a nice prize for a few minutes of playing trivia. I opened up the app and started to play. I got the first 3 questions correct, but I messed up on number 4. As I learned the right answer, my app froze. I couldn’t get it to restart or leave the game.

I closed and reopened the Bilt app and the game said I had already played. I thought I’d be able to try all of the questions, but it was not to be.

With technology, things don’t always work as planned. I figured I’d let Bilt know what happened, so I sent off a Direct Message via Twitter. Since it was New Year’s Day, I wasn’t expecting a rapid response. However, I got a reply asking for the email address affiliated with my account within an hour.

The following day, I received a message that the points had been deposited into my account. I checked, and they added 500 points.

It’s not always how good of a promotion you run that gives a good impression. In this case, it was how quickly and appropriately they resolved my issue. I hadn’t dealt with Bilt customer service before, and my first interaction with them was positive.

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