What Was I Thinking??? My Wife’s SFO United Club Review

by joeheg

When Sharon took a solo trip to California, she flew home from San Francisco on a red-eye with an 11 PM departure time. Through the kindness of an acquaintance, she had access to a United Club. I kindly asked her if she would take pictures and write about the club.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, since she’s usually just as satisfied sitting at the gate as in a lounge (Note from Sharon: true story! As long as I have internet access, and have electricity to plug into if my battery is running low, I’m good).

Here are her pictures of the club. They’re mostly self-explanatory. I figure the club was as empty as it was because it was late on a Sunday evening. Based on the decor, It looks like she visited the United Club at the G gates.

The first thing she figured out was that she didn’t have access to the Polaris Lounge (Note from Sharon: Yeah, I stopped, read the sign, realized that wasn’t me, and kept on going).

a marble wall with glass doors

Entering the lounge, there are desks (not in use) and elevators down to the club level.

an empty lobby with elevator doors and stairs

a close up of a button

That’s where she found the check-in desk.

a man standing at a desk

It looks like a pretty basic club.

a room with chairs and a group of people a table with chairs and a glass wall a chair and a plate of food on a table a bathroom with a mirror and doors

The food selection consisted of sandwiches and a salad bar.

a buffet with food on the counter a counter in a restaurant a man standing behind a counter in a room with pictures on the wall

The lounge did offer views of planes sitting at their gates.

an airplane on the tarmac

Sharon’s Review

I’m sure that you noticed that there’s not much to this review more than the pictures. That’s because Sharon’s review of the United Club at SFO can be summed up like this:

It was an airport club. There were chairs, food, drinks and a bathroom. Anything else?

Yeah. So I’m not sure what I was expecting when I asked someone who doesn’t care about club access to write a club review. At least I got some pictures from her to let you all see what the club looks like.

(Note from Sharon: They had brownies that were really yummy!)

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Peter January 6, 2023 - 9:10 pm

I am stunned to see that Club that empty. It’s too small (it’s the old F lounge), and usually PACKED!

Chris@Oak January 6, 2023 - 9:51 pm

This “lounge” is nothing more than woke lipstick on a neutered pig. An embarrassment.
It’s the very old UA Red Carpet Club.
Frequently over crowded with lines out-the-door; much like the limited toilet capacity.

Not to worry, as the back wall of chairs is the quiet zone for GSMs.
I feel sorry for the non-UA staff that work very hard at this “lounge” in a claustrophobic basement.

David January 7, 2023 - 2:52 pm

This club used to be exclusively for international first class passengers on United and star alliance carriers. It has never been upgraded or renovated, and it is usually packed.!!!

Frank K January 7, 2023 - 4:44 pm

Funny how some people just don’t seem to care about the “small” benefits of even a simple lounge. I’d be thrilled with brownies and fruit and salad and sandwiches and other nice items, and probably beer and wine, and nice spread out comfortable seating. To me, those small things are so HUGE. It’s just so peaceful and in a way, exhilarating to me. In some ways, it saddens me, because she doesn’t seem to appreciate these things as much as she should. Life to me is better when you feel the joy of every little thing, and even more joy when something has an added expense just for added pleasure (more food, lavish seating, privacy, etc). But I’d assume, along the same lines, that she doesn’t mind flying in coach either, so when she flies solo she can save you or her the extra expense, which hopefully she doesn’t mind if YOU use the extra money towards those deep and dear things.


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