Scammers Taking Advantage Of The Wells Fargo Hack

by joeheg

Starting last week, many Wells Fargo customers who have a Bilt Mastercard have either seen fraudulent charges on their accounts or have been subject to declined charges from fraud alerts. Fortunately, my account wasn’t affected by the hack, but I did have a charge declined when I tried to use Apple Pay to fund my Starbucks account.

After clearing that fraud alert, I was able to use my card to pay for lunch at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that recently opened nearby.

a food stand with food items on it

So I was surprised when my attempt to reload my Starbucks account with Apple Pay was again denied by Wells Fargo.

I went through the same process of getting a text message, email and phone call to verify my purchase. I replied to the text that it was still me that wanted to add $25 to my account.

So I was surprised when I got an email from Wells Fargo several hours later.

a screenshot of a computer screen

But this email wasn’t from Wells Fargo. I checked the links in the email, and I don’t think Wells Fargo would use a Tiny URL for their website.

a screenshot of a computer

I also don’t think the link for would direct to a Spectrum webmail account.

a screenshot of a computer

The scammers undoubtedly know about the hacked Bilt Wells Fargo accounts and may be taking advantage of the nervousness of cardholders to protect their accounts.

In fact, the email even had a fake phone number to call, undoubtedly to try to let hackers access your computer.

Emails from the real Wells Fargo will always include your name and part of your account number. In my experience, they’ve also included the charge(s) they wanted me to confirm.

But you have to give it to the scammers. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to take advantage of unknowing customers.

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