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Special Lounge Is Part of Hotel Chain Offering X-Rated “Enhancements”

by SharonKurheg

There are some hotels purposely set up for niche markets. Take “adults only,” for example. Multiple hotels in places such as Las Vegas and Key West have gone “adults only.” “Big name” brands such as Marriott and IHG have even dipped their feet into the “adult-only resort” pool.

Then you have the hotels that have gone one step further and make the list of the naughtiest adults-only hotels and resorts to visit.

And then there are the places that are kind of a middleman between traveling families and people looking for something more adult during their travels. So you’ve got places like the hotel chain that prides itself on being family friendly and offering free porn. And a hotel chain in Australia has been providing something similar for a few years.

Stamford Hotels and Resorts was founded in New South Wales in 1995. They’ve since expanded to six hotels in four states throughout the country:

Renowned for their outstanding service quality, the hotels are considered luxury and high-end. Their hotels and restaurants have consistently won prestigious awards. Their guests have included royals such as Queen Elizabeth, and celebrities such as Madonna, Katie Perry, Celine Dione and Keith Urban.

Stamford Hotels are family-friendly, with family getaway packages available at some properties. However they have another package that’s decidedly NOT family friendly.

For adults who want to participate in some, well, private adulting, most Stamford Hotels offer what they call their “Black Label Enhancements.” They include: a special room service menu of foods thought to be aphrodisiacs and/or energy enhancements/sex hormone stimulants (asparagus, ginger, oysters, ginseng root, chocolate dipped strawberries), an intimacy kit that has a remote-controlled satin-finish vibrating egg, three erotic foreplay dice and cinnamon flavored arousal gel, or what they call a Pure Love Lounge. That’s a couch, “inspired by the natural curves and contours of the human body and specifically designed to comfortably conform with them.”

“A vast range of exciting sexual positions are made possible, including the advanced positions of the Kama Sutra,” the hotel’s website promises.

“Other positions allow for greater eye contact, physical closeness and tantalizing views, providing a significant enhancement to your sense of togetherness and intimacy — leading you to a longer and more pleasurable intimate time together.”

Stamford Hotels has offered Black Label Enhancements since 2019, and they’re still going strong. When they released their video of “how to use the Love Lounge,” complete with a man and woman only in tight bottom clothing (the woman is topless) showing various positions on the lounge, a spokesperson for eSafety said the online regulator would act on complaints. 3+ years later, the video is still up, so take that as you’d like (this is the link for the video. The password is “lounge.” The video is VERY adult oriented and NSFW).

Prices for the enhancements vary from $15 to $43  for the food items, $60 for the Personal Intimacy Kit, and $60 for the Love Lounge (or combine the Intimacy Kit and lounge for $110 total). All prices are in Australian dollars (prices are roughly 30% lower in U.S. dollars, at current exchange rates).

Black Label Enhancements can be requested from the hotel in question via email. Discretion is assured.

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