Easy Hack To Track Flights Without An App

by SharonKurheg

People travel for vacations and business all the time. But another great reason to travel is to see loved ones. Undoubtedly, especially if they’re flying to see these family members, they may be picked up at the airport by parents, grandparents, etc.

Some older family members are whizzes with modern technology. I mean, my father-in-law is in his late 70s and can do stuff with his iPhone that *I* don’t know how to do. But other seniors need a TV remote control set up that looks like this:

a group of remote controls

They may be able to use basic apps on their phones, but doing something as high-tech as downloading an app and figuring our how to track your flight might be beyond them.

Of course, you can always tell them on the phone what your flight info is and what time you’re supposed to land. But flights can be delayed (and delayed flights can become “un-delayed”) and why should they hang out at the airport for 3 hours, waiting for you, if they don’t have to?

Well, if they have an iPhone, all you have to do is message them your flight number.

a screenshot of a text message

If they click on the flight number you send, they get the option to either Preview Flight or Copy Flight Code.

a screenshot of a phone

If they click on Preview Flight, they can get real-time notifications of your flight, including whether or not it’s left, what time it’s currently scheduled to arrive, and even the number of which baggage claim carousel your stuff will be at.

a screen shot of a phone

No apps, no special knowledge, no nuthin’.

This hack doesn’t work for Android-flavored phones (sorry, y’all). But if your loved one has an iPhone, it might be just the thing so they can meet you at Baggage Claim 31.

And don’t you DARE tell my grandmother that LOL means anything other than “Lots Of Love.” 😉

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Jason April 22, 2023 - 3:24 pm

Thanks for the tip! Great hack! Your grandma is so cute 🙂


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