More Drivers Licenses Having Problems With TSA Checkpoint

by SharonKurheg

A couple of months ago, we wrote a piece about how some driver’s licenses weren’t being approved at the TSA security checkpoint. It was thought to be a glitch in the TSA’s then-new software, and the post went onto ways to circumvent the problem until it was fixed (based on conversations with a couple of people we know who have “newer” drivers licenses from there, anecdotally, it appears the glitch may have been fixed).

Unfortunately, it seems that people from Arizona are having an even worse problem.

CBS affiliate AZ Family station reports that some people with new Arizona driver’s licenses are having difficulties using them for just about anything.

A man from Glendale AZ, Markus D., said he presented his driver’s license at an airport in Charlotte NC and the TSA agent the ID wasn’t working on their machine. Eventually, he could get through because he had other ID (because you can sometimes get through TSA without proper ID, at least for domestic travel).

AZ Family says that another couple, Judy and Steve P., also from Glendale, had the same problem.

Judy’s new Arizona ID card was not accepted. “It had all the markings of an Arizona driver’s license,” Judy to AZ Family. “It had a travel star on it (Note: Proof that it’s Real ID compliant), but it wasn’t recognized in the system with the TSA.”

For the Arizona drivers, the problem appears to be even worse – not only are their drivers licenses giving them problems at TSA checkpoints, but they’re also being rejected at car rental counters.

Amy M., a Phoenix resident, said she tried to rent a car in San Antonio last week and was told her driver’s license wasn’t working.

“He proceeded to say that we don’t know how to handle the new Arizona license, therefore, we can’t rent to you,” Miller told the AZ Family TV station. “He said you’ll need to leave the car immediately.”

Markus D. had similar problems while he was in the aforementioned North Carolina – none of the rental car companies would accept his ID.

“They have a system where you put the card in,” said Davenport. “Green is good. Red is bad. It turned red and I couldn’t get the car, so I tried the other rental places and the same thing happened, they wouldn’t accept my travel ID.”

AZ Family said they’ve heard from some other AZ residents who said their IDs weren’t accepted at local bars and sports books.

According to a spokesperson from the Arizona Department of Transportation, the state has issued 287,000 new driver’s licenses and Real ID cards in the past month. Based on the number of complaints the department has gotten, he doesn’t think it’s a widespread issue.

AZFamily recommends anyone who had a problem with their new ID card should contact the AZ DOT. The TV station also requests that those who’ve had difficulties with their new IDs to please contact them, as well.

Feature Photo (cropped): Vic / flickr / CC BY 2.0

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