Hotel Guest Thought Room Smell Was His Feet; It Was A Corpse

by SharonKurheg

A hotel guest in Tibet originally thought the odor in his room was simply his smelly feet. Then a dead body was discovered under his bed.

The man was visiting from China and was only identified as Mr Zhang. He checked into the Guzang Shuhua Inn on April 21st. The hotel, located in Lhasa, was popular with influencers on social media, since it has lots of good spaces for selfies.

According to the BBC, upon checking in, he went to his room and noticed a strong odor in his room. However he was tired from his travels, so he promptly took a nap. When we woke up, he noticed the odor again but thought perhaps his feet were smelly.

He left the hotel around 3:30pm and when he came back to freshen up for dinner, he noted the smell had not only continued but worsened, even though he hadn’t been in the room for several hours. So after dinner, he complained at the front desk and asked to be moved to a different room.

The hotel staff initially denied there was problem with the room and acted as if everything was fine. It wasn’t until Mr. Zhang insisted on being moved that (A) they moved him and (B) they checked out the room.

Later that night, staff came to his new room and asked him to return to his original room. Why?  A dead body had been found under the bed.

Of course, the police were called. They took Mr. Zhang’s DNA and conducted an interview with him about what had been found. They also told Mr Zhang to not be concerned and he would not be considered a suspect in the person’s death, as someone had already been arrested for the crime.

Traumatized by the thought that there had been a dead body under the bed where he had slept, Mr. Zhang left Lhasa the next day. However he posted a review of his stay, including what happened. The hotel’s response was denial that the event happened, and they even went as far as to accuse him of making the story up (nice, huh?). So Mr Zhang shared his experience on Weibo, one of the most popular social media sites in China, including photos he had. That’s when people started sharing his story.

In an interview with Shangyou News on 30 April, Mr Zhang said: “I am very scared and I am still struggling to sleep. I wish this sort of thing didn’t happen to me. I don’t need something like this in my life.”

According to the BBC, the police haven’t disclosed any more details about the case, but did release a video of the suspect being arrested on a train to Lanzhou City, which is located in another province in China.

There’s also no word on whether Mr. Zhang is able (or plans) to take legal action against the hotel. Negligence and not making sure the room was properly inspected and thoroughly cleaned prior to his check-in has to count for something, right?

And here’s a related “fun act” from Maclen and Ashleigh (, who are a husband-and-wife graduates from Harvard Law: they revealed that although about 100,000 people die in hotels every year, hotels aren’t legally required to tell you if someone has passed away in the room you’re going to be staying in.

Top three weirdest hotel laws! Harvard law spouses explain! #fyp #travel #wtf #edutok #law #couple #foryoupage

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“Even if it was the guest right before you… all they have to do is clean it,” the couple said.

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