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Chase’s Doordash Benefits Are Better Than AMEX’s Uber Offerings

by joeheg

I’m familiar with AMEX’s monthly Uber benefit on the Gold and Platinum cards. Each month you receive Uber Cash which you can use to pay for rides with Uber or food delivery with Uber Eats. AMEX Gold Card members get $10 per month which expires at the end of the month. I don’t know of any food delivery that costs less than $10 after paying the delivery fee so even if I just ordered a sandwich, I’d end up paying almost as much as if I’d picked up the food from the store.

The AMEX Platinum Card has a $15 monthly allowance, which is enough to cover a modest order with fees.

AMEX also offered 12 months of an UBER Eats Pass to sweeten the deal, which waived delivery fees (this benefit ended at the end of 2021.)

If I don’t use Uber for a ride in a month (and I won’t if their prices stay this high),  I’ll try to use the credit for food delivery.

It wasn’t until I received an email from Chase that I remembered the Doordash benefits I get with my Sapphire card. I spent the $60 credit early in 2020 and promptly forgot about the partnership. At the end of 2021, I finally registered for DashPass which waives delivery fees for orders over a set amount for each location.

Chase has recently extended all Sapphire cardholders’ DashPass memberships until the end of 2024.

Sapphire Reserve cardmembers also receive a $5 monthly credit with Doordash once you set your card as a payment method on your account. Unlike the AMEX credit, the credit is good for 90 days so if you want, you could redeem $15 every three months.

For example, I was looking to order a pizza from our local place. I’ll order directly from the establishment instead of a 3rd party if I can. However, when I got to the payment page, it said that Doordash handles deliveries and a delivery fee and service charge were added to my order.

I went to Doordash to place my order and even with the same items costing more money, with the waived delivery fee and reduced service charge my order cost less than ordering direct (and that’s before I used my $5 credit.)

Chase’s Doordash benefit is only for food delivery but they also have a great partnership with Lyft where Sapphire Reserve cardholders earn 10X Ultimate Rewards for rides through March 2025. (Yes, 2025.)

Final Thoughts

Depending on when you signed up for the Uber Eats pass, that benefit may already have expired. Which would mean you have to pay a delivery fee for every month you use your credit. On the other hand, Chase has extended the DashPass credit until 2024 and the monthly credit rolls over for up to 3 months.

While AMEX does everything they can to make sure you can’t use your credits, Chase makes it as easy as they can for you to maximize the benefit. But there’s really no surprise in that, is there?

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DC not in DC April 21, 2022 - 2:51 pm

You summed up AMEX vs. Chase perfectly:
“While AMEX does everything they can to make sure you can’t use your credits, Chase makes it as easy as they can for you to maximize the benefit.”

JRG May 20, 2023 - 1:01 pm

“Chase’s Doordash benefit is only for food delivery”

Not exactly. I save the $5 each month and on the third month when I have $15 in the bank, I order from a local restaurant, but for pickup. I save that way.
Also, if ANY of my Chase cards has a discount on Doordash (usually 10% off), I use that in lieu of the CSR which is attached to my DD account; sure, I get a message that I can’t use the card for Dashpass or whatever, but since I’m picking up it doesn’t matter.
In the end, my food is cheaper than if I ordered at the restaurant website. The restaurant still gets their increased price, but not from me; I get the $15 off, etc.


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