Is Daily Housekeeping Gone Forever?

by joeheg

There are an endless number of things that will never go back to the way they were before the pandemic. To be honest, some of that is good news and some of it isn’t. When everything went upside down, we were forced to look at the way things worked. During the process, if we found something different, and it was also better, then why not keep it? There were also things that were gone for a while and we realized that we didn’t really miss them.

For example, hotel breakfasts underwent some massive cuts. When things started to go back to normal, guests complained that a snack bag wasn’t going to cut it and the full breakfasts made a comeback. The same isn’t true for hotel lounges, as some hotels still have not reopened them. They instead have guests eat at a hotel restaurant and work in their rooms or the lobby instead, offering some loyalty points as compensation.

But one thing that hasn’t returned to normal (and I don’t think it will) is housekeeping services. In fact, hotels have sneakily worked reduced housekeeping into the normal working of the hotels.

For example, take this checkbox that I saw when making a recent booking. I can either accept housekeeping every other day or I can reject housekeeping services altogether.

a white background with black text

This”warning” was on recent emails from Courtyard by Marriott and TownePlace Suites by Marriott.

a black text on a white background

Finally, I got this message from the Crowne Plaza at Dulles Airport where housekeeping is offered every 5 days. That’s pretty bold for an airport hotel and you might as well say all housekeeping is by request only.

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There have been some hotels where we received housekeeping services every day but I honestly don’t miss daily service. What I would like is to get what our timeshare would call a Trash & Towel service. That’s when housekeeping comes in, empties the garbage cans (and takes plates, pizza boxes, etc.) and replaces the towels with new ones. I don’t need the bed made or the carpet cleaned every day.

It’s a different story when staying at a luxury resort where they’ll come into your room multiple times a day to straighten up, replace water bottles, and leave snacks. That’s part of the experience and guests expect that level of service.

When I’m staying at a HI Express or Hilton Garden Inn, getting housekeeping every other day or so is plenty. Just make sure the pancake machine is working at the breakfast buffet and we’re cool.

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Eric May 31, 2023 - 3:36 pm

I don’t miss daily housekeeping either. On a two night business trip when I’m barely in my room anyway I don’t accumulate much trash, and if I’m traveling solo in those instances, there’s already enough towels for me to use a “fresh” one every day. Even when traveling with my spouse for a week or so, we’re fine with every other or every third day.


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