OMG, I MUST Visit The Museum of Failure!

by SharonKurheg

I’ve always been a fan of museums that celebrated things I was familiar with.

But if I think about my youth and beyond, there’s also the quirky stuff (of course…it IS me they’re talking about) that didn’t quite make it. New Coke. The DeLorean. Orbitz (OMG that stuff was disgusting!). Anything with Olestra in it.

Who knew that some guy collected all that stuff and turned it into a museum???

The Museum of Failure has been making the rounds around the world since its first exhibition in Sweden, in June, 2017. Since then it’s been to Taiwan, Minneapolis, France, Los Angeles, Calgary, Washington D.C., Shanghai, and now…Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s more about it:

The Museum of Failure has over 100 exhibits of innovations – products and services – that, well, failed. Remember flavored water for pets? Google Glass? McDonald’s Arch Deluxe? Jarts? They all flopped and they’re all at the Museum of Failure.

The museum is curated by Dr. Samuel West, who has spent a good portion of the past few years combing places such as eBay to find these things that few people bought, used or liked….even when hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on their research, production and marketing (I’m looking at you, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe).

The Museum of Failure is open Wednesdays through Sundays. It will be in Brooklyn, in Industry City, through June 18th. Tickets start at $26.50 for adults. Click here for more info.

Feature Image: Giuseppe Costantino / flickr / cc by-2.0

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Christian May 31, 2023 - 4:40 pm

Looks fascinating. I wish they showed where they’ll be next.


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