SkyTeam Launches Tool For Carry On Bag Problem

by joeheg

Airline alliances play a crucial role in simplifying international travel. They enable travelers to purchase a single ticket that covers multiple airlines. For instance, if you plan to travel from Mobile to Paris, you can easily purchase a ticket from Delta and connect to an Air France flight without the hassle of buying separate tickets from each airline. This feature ensures that travelers don’t mistakenly book flights with unattainable connections and allows airlines to effectively synchronize their schedules to accommodate connecting passengers.

Alliances are also helpful when booking award travel, as you can choose which airline program to use based on which one has the best price. But there is a downside when connecting between airlines. Each one has its own rules about how much baggage you can bring with you. I’ve struggled to find this information on past trips, so I’m thrilled to see that one alliance has solved a common problem.

SkyTeam now offers a Carry-On Calculator. All you need to do is enter the airlines and the class of service you’re flying in. The calculator will show the restrictions for a carry-on bag and personal item for each airline and highlight your trip’s most restrictive policy.

Here’s the result for the Delta and Air France connection I mentioned above: a screenshot of a computer

The calculator is user-friendly, allowing you to show the restrictions in either metric or imperial measurements. There are also links to the luggage policies for each airline if you want to do some additional research.

SkyTeam CEO Patrick Roux said this about the new service:

“Not having the correct hand baggage can mean customers encounter the unexpected stress of having to check-in items at the gate, particularly during the peak travel season. Thanks to SkyTeam’s new Carry-on Calculator tool, customers can quickly find out how much they can bring on board and enjoy their journey, knowing their travel essentials will be within limits and within reach on the aircraft.”

When it comes to travel with SkyTeam, this is one less thing you need to worry about.

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