That’s What You Get For Resting Your Feet on a Plane’s Seat Arm

by SharonKurheg

It’s no secret that, for those of us not in first or business class, airlines have managed to make the flight a very uncomfortable situation. After all you’re in a cramped space, with little to no legroom, for hours on end. So it’s no wonder that passengers do as much as they can to be as comfortable as possible.

That quest to not feel miserable sometimes turns into your comfort infringing on other peoples’ space. That’s when stuff like this happens:

And now we have another example.

Lifesatripwithsk is an Instagram account from the same account of former flight attendant and Passenger Shaming creator Shawn Kathleen. But whereas Passenger Shaming focuses exclusively on passengers actively doing inappropriate things, Lifesatripwithsk looks more at the heartwarming, cuteness and human nature of travel. i.e.:

Sometimes though, Lifesatripwithsk will post something that COULD have been on Passenger Shaming (or was and was cross-posted), but the photo or video happened after the fact.

Such was the case of this person, who apparently took their shoes off, put their feet up on the arm of someone’s seat, and inadvertently fell asleep. Here’s what happened when they woke up:

Yup, as they slept, the kid in front of them decided to turn the sleeping person’s socks into a arts and crafts project. So they woke up to see the kid had drawn on their white socks with purple markers.

The internet, not surprisingly, was not forgiving:

  • I would do nothing, because my foot shouldn’t of been there in their space, in the first place. — pynkflower
  • I would think “gosh, that’s what I get for taking my nasty shoes off and putting my feet where they don’t belong” — victoriashaughnessy
  • Only yourself to blame. If your feet are somewhere they can be “drawn on” then they are in the wrong place. — skt201201
  • Keep your feet in your own space. Your feet shouldn’t have been close enough for that child to color on — mosofresh8
  • Maybe find a different place to rest your feet… socks or not, I don’t know you & don’t want your feet near my arm. — artistangie
  • Well, considering your feet were intrusive enough for their little hands to get to, your sidewalk slappers were fair game. — jemorri
  • Your feet were in their space it became their paper 😆 — mrvwcastner
  • When you put your feet on an ARMrest that isn’t your designated ARMrest … — howmanykarinasdoyouknow
  • Fantastic! Next time, keep your feet on the floor & outta of their space — zoe_zenobia
  • Look at where you had your feet. You deserve every pen stroke of that artwork. Keep your feet on the floor where they belong and you won’t have to worry. — tonyo1212

Several people also suggested not taking their shoes off in the first place:

  • Keep your socks inside of your shoes. This is public transportation, not your personal spa day. — kevingreg03
  • Wear shoes. – mchammerpants
  • Keep your shoes on and act like a civilized human. — knuckknuck1
  • Keep your shoes on you savage. — elchimpy
  • That’s on that dude. It’s funny though, I wouldn’t even be mad but also I wouldn’t take my shoes off on a plane — esmith5488
  • You deserve it for taking your shoes off 😂 — katecookfit
  • Shouldn’t have taken your shoes off 🤷🏾‍♀️ — urscam
  • Plane ettiequte #1. Keep feet in shoes on the floor. — chillichick

Shawn Kathleen edited her original post to include the following:

We are often asked about wearing socks on planes, and we are 100% okay with it…IF they are clean, don’t smell, and stay in your own space and not propped on various parts of the aircraft. If you’ve ever flown first or business class you’ve probably been given a pair of socks or slippers, so it’s definitely a thing.

Oh, and never ever ever everrrrrr go to the lavatory without wearing shoes, because the liquid on the floor is NOT WATER. 🙏🏼💦

Good advice. And hopefully whoever it was whose socks turned into “art” will know better next time.

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