This Zero-G Music Video Is Beyond Explanation

by joeheg

If you’ve been on the internet in the past decade, you may have seen music videos from the band OK Go. If you need a reminder, they’re the band that did the video on treadmills. The video for their song called “Here It Goes Again” has over 60+ Million views on YouTube

According to the internet: OK Go is an American rock band known for its quirky and elaborate music videos, which are often filmed in one take and incorporate complex choreography and technical feats. The band has won six Grammy Awards, including Best Music Video for “Here It Goes Again” in 2007.

Their music videos are undoubtedly interesting and many of their songs are bangers, even without the videos. However, their videos have influence beyond the music genre. I question anyone who says this American Airlines safety video wasn’t influenced by OK Go.

While it might not have been a case of life imitating art or vice versa, OK Go made an aviation-based music video for their song “Upside Down and Inside Out” in 2016.

Filmed on a reduced-gravity aircraft nicknamed the “vomit comet,” the band and crew filmed the video by splitting the song into 20+ second segments.

While this isn’t a new video, it was new to me and I was fascinated to learn how the band edited together all those segments so it appeared the entire video was a single cut.

It’s incredible to think a band was able to choreograph a video on the vomit comet, when they only had 20+ seconds of weightlessness on each parabolic trip.

It’s many a travel geek’s dream to go on a plane that simulates weightlessness. For me, the closest I’m going to get is on a rollercoaster that has several seconds of zero-g hills.

However, it must be a dream and a nightmare to fly on a zero-g plane on multiple flights over several days just to get the required shots for a music video.

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