What Really Happens To Your Luggage When It’s Loaded Onto A Plane

by SharonKurheg

When you get onto a plane, you know what happens to you and the stuff you’re carrying…your personal-sized bag goes under the seat in front of you, your carry-on bag goes into the overhead, and your butt goes into your seat.

But what about your checked luggage?

There are ways to know your checked bags made it onto the plane, but what really happens when it’s down there, in the belly of the plane, is kind of a mystery for most of us, save for the occasional exposé that mentions conveyor belts and trucks that bring the bags to the planes. You may even see the occasional meme, like this one:

Welp, an airport worker named Stephen Linson is helping us solve that mystery (and a few others).

Linson is an airline ramp agent in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a TikTok account where he posts videos that give us plain ol’ flyers a perspective of airports we normally don’t get to see.

So yeah, our luggage? This is how it gets loaded onto planes:


Realities from Cargo. #TubiTaughtMe #iCarlyAffirmation #adultswim #adultswimchallenge #vibewithus #aviation

♬ Running Away VANO3000 cltvip – Stephen

And this is what it looks like, inside, as stuff is getting unloaded:


Little time lapse action! #ThisIsBliss #OutfitChange #GetFit #ACupgrade #fyp #foryou #aviation #airplane #work #workflow #clt

♬ original sound – Stephen

Aaaaaannnnnddddd when the luggage gets loaded onto the trucks as they exit the plane:


Happy National Aviation Day! #readySETgo #Snapshot #RockinCollege #fyp #foryou #aviation #airport #airplane #pilot #nationalaviationday #clt

♬ original sound – Stephen

He’s posted some other videos, such as what the view is from the truck that does the pushback of a plane, how huge a 777 is, what an inbound plane looks like from the tarmac and other cool aviation goodies.

You can check out Stephen Linson’s TikTok account for all his other aviation videos.

Feature Photo: Ilya Plekhanov / Wikimedia

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derek July 2, 2021 - 6:53 pm

Is TikTok safe to view? Or can the People’s Liberation Army trace and even track you with cookies or other methods?

SharonKurheg July 2, 2021 - 7:25 pm

Facebook and Google trace our every move. To say nothing of Walt Disney World when you wear a Magic Band, and any time you’re in a local (or federal) U.S. government camera range. If the Chinese want to trace us too, they’ll need to stand in line.


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