This Woman Is My Packing Hero

by SharonKurheg

My name is Sharon and I am a chronic over-packer.

Oh, I CAN pack lightly if I really, really try (I can do a 4-day weekend with just this bag if it’s summertime and I’m going to wear a lot of shorts and T-shirts). But once I’m up to the 5-day mark? It’s all over. That’s when I pull out my bag that I have to check, and then I have SO MUCH ROOM, so I throw in my “just in case” clothes (and shoes to match) and the big bottle of suntan lotion because “just in case,” and my pillow (it’s been all around the world) and…

So when I saw what this lady can do when she packs, well…

I really need to go to practice. I mean, I KNOW a bunch of the rules…

  • Pack layers of lighter clothing that you can mix & match and possibly re-wear, rather than bulky stuff
  • Just 1 or 2 pairs of multi-purpose shoes and roll socks into them
  • Buy toiletries at your destination (but then you have to bring them back home, no?)
  • Use packing cubes
  • Know when to roll vs. fold
  • Plan to do laundry on longer trips (here are some tips)

…but there has to be more.

How do YOU ensure you pack light?

*** Feature photo (cropped): Holiday Gems/flickr

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