Hilton Honors Points Plus Promotion: Earn Bonus Points on Every Stay

by joeheg

Hilton Honors is the most consistent hotel loyalty program for running promotions for bonus points on hotel stays. They typically announce a new promotion a few weeks before the current one ends, and recently, they’ve been running these promotions continuously, with only occasional gaps. Unlike other loyalty programs, Hilton’s promotional offers are consistent, with minor variations between each one.

Hilton’s current promotion, “Multiply Your Points,” runs through December 31st. As with other recent promotions, it offers double points on all stays.

The promotion that starts on January 1, 2024, and runs through May 1, 2024, is called “Points Plus.”

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This promotion offers 2,000 bonus points on every stay and an additional 500 points when using Digital Key. Among the two types of Hilton promotions, I prefer the double points promotion over the 2,000 bonus points promotion. This is because, with the latter, the number of points earned is fixed regardless of the stay duration, making it more lucrative for frequent travelers who stay for short periods at multiple hotels. However, the promotion is not as valuable for those who tend to stay in one place longer.

The digital key bonus is new. To get the bonus, you have to register for a digital key and use it at least once during your stay, according to the promotion terms.

You have to register for the promotion before the end of your stay to get the bonus points. I suggest signing up now, as you never know if you will stay at a Hilton hotel between January and May. You wouldn’t want to forget and lose out on the bonus points.

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